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Saturday, 10 January 2009


I thought maybe it was time for another Digital Doodle post...

... suggested by the (too) numerous occasions spent in various waiting rooms.

We wait for them,

the words that form the play,

the words

themselves as yet unformed -

although the stage lights are turned on.


Sydney said...

wow, I love these. I have no idea how it's done. I like the black and white backgrounds, the fuzziness of them in contrast to the sharper doodles, yet those shapes are formed by doodles and that takes way from the hard lines that comprise them... so they blend a little better.

Also, the figures are anonymous, as are the environments. I am wondering how the backgrounds came togehter....

Art and Poetry said...

Very unusual, I also have no idea how its done.
Nice blog!!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Ooh, eerie yet enticing in an interesting way. I thought the poem reverberated well with the images. Another excellent post, Dave!

Elizabeth said...

Hmm.......waiting is good for the soul - if one can sink into it and use it
too often wasted
being angry for being kept waiting.......

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

The figures are slightly disturbing against the backgrounds, although they're very cleverly done.
I like the words more - but then I think I'm probably orientated that way...


I'm going to have to learn digital-type-stuff one of these days. Nicely done, David.

Like Catherine, the words are what really grab me. They give added life to the figures.

Cloudia said...

Nicely done! Aloha

Tumblewords: said...

Very, very interesting! I hadn't seen anything like this - love the words... the imagery is slightly ephemeral and yet feels solid, even though I know it isn't. :)

Shadow said...

very interesting, eye-catching, they look like ghosts....

Dick said...

Yes, great little sketches. I don't want to know how they're done!

The brief poem has a touch of Brecht's theatre verse about it.

Jim Murdoch said...

Lovely wee poem but consider 'turned' instead of 'switched'. It's a trade off I know. 'Switched' in the more accurate word but 'turned' improves the flow. And I might also opt for 'although' rather than 'though'. Minor points though. You are on a roll right now. Good for you.

Dave King said...

Welcome and thanks for dropping by. The backgrounds are actually the interior of a church - which was not one of the afore-mentioned waiting rooms.

Art and Poetry
Also welcome. Good to have your comments.

Thanks for the encouraging comment.

Thanks for that. Now there are a few more on the horizon - Shall I be able to keep it up?

That is encouraging: the figures were meant to be disturbing. I had always assumed myself to be visually oriented, but more and more I find my preference veering towards the verbal.

Thanks for the feedback - always useful. The images came first. They then suggested the words.

Much thanks.

That is an interesting comment. Thanks.

That, too, is interesting. Again, thanks.

Brecht, I hadn't considered. I'm flattered!

Much appreciated, Jim. I totally agree about 'turned'. Will make the switch! Having a yhink about although - but coming round to it quite rapidly.

soulbrush said...

what arresting images, they fascinate me.

Mandy said...

Metallic ghosts waiting for the diagnosis which never comes.

Barry said...

I'm certain they were real at the time, those anonymous others who shared interminable hours in doctor's waiting rooms, but in memory now they seem much more like those disturbing figures in your post.

As perhaps, in their memory, do I to them.

Cynthia said...

Isn't that the best? The anticipation, like waiting for a
life to start.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that, it's the sort of result I was hoping for.

Welcome. Metallic ghosts...I like that!

Yes, actually at the time the people seemed real, though not the situation or the setting. Now it almost seems the other way around.

I guess it is, yes. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Bill Stankus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
watermaid said...

I found the second image disturbing i the perspective and whatever it is in the middle of the figure's chest. The visuals do have a touch of Brechtian defamiliarization about them. In the words there's also a nod towards Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot'. Are they perhaps waiting for nothing to happen?

On a personal note, I hate waiting (not for material things, which may be a good thing in the present economic climate) but in queues. My idea of hell is to be stuck for ever on the M6 or M25.

Carl said...

Wonderful mix of words and images.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

David: Will you please email me from a valid email address:)

Thank you.

CLAY said...

To call you "talented" is not enough.I am closing my dictionary now. Bravo Mr.King.

Clayrn Darrow

Michelle said...

Hello Dave!
I like the digital doodles! Proof that waiting isn't necessarily wasted time. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog (hickoryhills.blogspot.com)and for leaving a note. It's been sort of neglected lately as I've been writing my other blogs, (flutterbean.blogspot.com & givingtree2009.blogspot.com)but you've reminded me not to forget about it entirely! :)

hope said...

It's somehow reassuring that someone else found the second image more..disturbing. Maybe it's that "waiting all alone" feeling which goes with it.

And my sense of humor noted that waiting in a doctor's office might literally turn one into a ghost for having to sit so long...ignored and unattended.

Sorlil said...

Oh I like these, esp the first one, I have no idea how you did them!

Poetikat said...

I just can't get 2001 A Space Odyssey out of my head.


Louise said...

Great images. Mandy mentioned a medical context, and she's on the button also for me. The doodles conjure up an inner emotional tumult - the kind of thing you feel when you're trying to wait, calmly, for what might be bad news. V. thought-provoking.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Waiting, anticipating revelation. Wonderful words and imaginative digitals!

Dave King said...

Sweet Talking Guy
Plus kind remarks - thanks.

Dave King said...

I agree with you completely about traffic queues and the M25 in particular. (Thought for a new doodle?)

Much thanks.

Every photo tells a story
Will do. (Thought I had changed mine with blogger - must look into it again.)

Wow! and thanks.

Thanks for that. Enjoyed my visit to you.

Know what you mean - on both counts. Thanks.

Thanks for that. Very gratifying.

Strange you should say that - all will be revealed tomorrow!

That is exactly what first suggested them - it was a medical context, in fact there were several on the trot. Nice to know that comes across.

Bee said...

As arresting as the image is, it lacks accuracy, me thinks. Those waiting figures should be holding magazines!!

Jeanne said...

The second figure looks so serene....

willow said...

I especially like the second one! I love the contrast of the round doodles with the lines of the background. And perfect ledge for her to sit. Well done! :)

Dave King said...

True, in reality they were holding magazines, but looking at magazines would have detracted from the feel I was trying to get across. The waiting rooms only suggested the theme of waiting. The images were not meant to depict them.

Interesting how different people see different qualities and attributes in the figures.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jenn said...

Have never seen anything like this, really interesting style and terrific visual!

Jill Wheeler said...

Awesome doodles!

Dave King said...

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by to comment.

Thanks for the feedback.

Plutarch said...

I love the word and the figures. Though I don't find the figures ghost-like. Rather mysterilusly life-like!

Dave King said...

As in mysterious and life-like? Thanks for the comment.

Adrian LaRoque said...

That is true Dave; we are always waiting, in rooms and in lines. If I add on all that waiting time, it may seam that I wasted part of my life. The only time that you don't need to wait is when you are paying something, here in the States is usually very fast with little waiting.

Kelly said...


Butler and Bagman said...

Photoshop? Very very cool

ed said...


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