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Friday, 25 June 2010

Haiku #184

The winning portrait
The BP Competiton:
her dead mother


The Weaver of Grass said...

I rather thought the artist was a woman Dave. The picture was in The Times - the artist sat with her dead mother to paint it. Some people hated it - I personally thought it was very moving indeed. What did you think?

TechnoBabe said...

Birds and other animals. Impossible to live in the oil.

Derrick said...

I've just looked at the painting, Dave, and have to say I don't like it (sorry Weaver). For me, even your haiku conveys the same bald, cold facts.

San said...

Yes, Mother Earth is on the verge of needing life support.

Ronda Laveen said...

Interesting to think if the artist received guidance from the spirit of the deceased.

Dick said...

Not for me, this portrait. Skillful, evocative, but having watched my own mother pass from life to death, I'm acutely aware of the absolute privacy of that moment.

Dave King said...

Owch, thanks all, mistakes here all the way along the line - not least in the HTML! All corrected now - I hope!

Yes you are correct, Weaver, the artist is a woman. The family, it seems, have taken it badly and some of them are now not speaking to her. (I didn 't realise she had received spiritual guidance.)

I thought it would have been acceptable if the portrait had been for private contemplation, but would not have liked it if a sibling of mine had produced such an artefact and put it on public display.

Kass said...

That picture hits a little bit too close to home for me, as it is how my mother looks sleeping when I peek in on her every morning. I must say the shading the artist achieved in the pillow is very nice, once my eyes could take in something other than the color of age-ravaged skin.

It also made me realize my mum could benefit from a large pillow like that so she could breathe easier in a more upright position.