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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Haiku #206

Look the other way
Don't see anti-social acts -
That's the British way


Bossy Betty said...

Hummmm...I think I'll leave the comments to my UK friends.

TechnoBabe said...

If that is just their (your) way, it is totally acceptable to us (me).

Carl said...

Well us social misfits in the USA can't say much about it. We are a pretty messed up lot.

The Weaver of Grass said...

rouble is Dave that we have all been brought up to do just that and it is a very difficult habit to break. Your haiku are getting better and better and are really topical.

Linda Sue said...

Manners, mind your own business, polite...I appreciate that about being British, however, it sometimes feels dishonest with a burbling of resentment just below the surface.

Conda V. Douglas said...

As opposed to us Americans--who ultra-focus with delight!

Madame DeFarge said...

Look the other way and talk about the weather at the same time.

Rachel Fenton said...

Just before i left the UK I split up a fight between two 16 yr olds (females). The agressor moved on and when I asked the "victim" if she was alright she told me to "F*** off" - figure that one out.

Dave King said...

Thanks everyone

This arose from an index that some organisation or other published last week, according to which, out of 40 countries Britain came top of The Walk-on-by League. It wasn't clear (to me) whether any judgement was implied. Probably not.

I think Weaver is correct in saying that it is the way we were brought up, though I do recall conflicting messages - the parable of the Good Samaritan etc.

I take Linda Sue's point, though I suppose it depends just how anti-social the behaviour is. It's just occured to me that as kids, if a neighbour caught us doing wrong s/he would take us - often by the scruff of the neck - to our parents and report the deed.

Really, Conda?

Ah, the weather, Madame DeFarge!

Been there Rachel. My son did exactly that when we were on our way to a football match. He got the same response - and when it looked like it was going to break out again, he told a m otorcycle policeman who was sitting on his machine nearby. He was none too pleased at being told, either!