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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Party Time : amuse - or lose - your friends this XMAS

It all depends, you see, how you go about it. And that I cannot tell you, for that will be dictated by you and by you knowing your friends as well as you do. Get me? Okay, in essence this is what you do: you give them all a sheet of paper and some pens, crayons, paints, body fluids - whatever turns you (and them) on - and you ask them to draw or paint a picture of Father Christmas to the very best of their ability. Not artistic ability, mind. Not drawing ability, no that is not what we are drawing on at all. They just need to summon up to the very best of their ability an image of Father Christmas in all his detailed glory and get as much of that as they can down on the paper.

Then you n eed to mark it - or they mark their own or each others or whatever. For which there is a marking key, viz:- One point is awarded for each of the following details included in the drawing:
1. Head present
2. Legs present
3. Arms present
4. trunk present
5. The length of the trunk is greater than its breadth
6. Shoulders are indicated
7. Both arms and legs are attached to the trunk
8. As above, all attached at the correct points.
9. N eck present
10 Neck continuous with head and/or trunk
11 Eyes present
12 Nose present
13 Mouth present
14 Nose and mouth in 2 dimensions and 2 lips indicated
15 Nostrils indicated
16 Hair shown (For hair, you might decide to read "whiskers"!
17 The hair is non-transparent over more than the circumference of the head.
18 Clothing present
19 Two items of clothing non-transparent
20 Both sleeves and both troser legs shown non-transparently.
21 4 or more items of clothing definitely indicated.
22 Costume complete - no inconsistencies
23 Fingers shown
24 Correct number of fingers shown
25 Fingers shown in 2 dimensions - ie their length greater than their breadth and at an angle of less than 180
26 Opposition of thumb shown
27 Hand shown distinct from fingers and arms
28 Arm joint shown - elbow and/or shoulder
29 Leg joint shown - knee and/or hip
30 Head in proportion
31 Arms in proportion
32 Legs in proportion
33 Feet in proportion
34 Both arms and legs in 2 dimensions
35 Heel shown
36 The lines are firm and do not overlap at junctions (unlike the drawin gs of many famous artists!)
37 Firm lines with correct joining
38 The head's outline is "shaped" - i.e. is not just shown as a circle.
39 Trunk outline ditto
40 There is no narrowing of the limbs at their jun ctions with the body
41 The features are symmetrical and in their correct positions
42 Ears present
43 Ears correctly positioned and proportioned
44 Eyebrows and eye lashes shown
45 Pupil(sL of eye(s) shown
46 The length of the eye(s) greater than the height
47 Eye glance directed to front in profile
48 Chin and forehead both shown
49 Projection of chin shown
50 Profile has less than two errors
51 Correct profile

You have given your friend(s) The Goodenough Draw a Man Test. This used to be administered to young children (3 - 10 years) to establish their mental age and/or I.Q. (Oh, God, it's not still being used is it? Tell me it's not!) It's up to you whether or not you tell them that they have just betrayed their mental age/ I.Q . If you go that far, it's up to you whether you also impart the information that the test is incapable of producing a mental age greater than 15 3/4 years.
It might depend on whether or not you were planning a cull of your friends this year or wanted to see which of them were the best sports or... well, you know what you're doing! To proceed: You give everyone a base age of 3. You then add 1/4 year for each point scored. Thus 9 points would equal 3 + 9/4 = 5 1/4 years.

More seriously, may I wish 



Friko said...

if I tried this after Christmas lunch and all the (liquid) trimmings I doubt anyone in our circle would reach the age of 3 and a half.

With my best wishes for a truly festive holiday,


Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

My brain hurts just reading through the instructions, so I may just pass on this party game! But I hope you and yours have a most enlightening time. A very Merry Christmas.

Kat Mortensen said...

It's a very small gathering here at Christmas - myself, my husband and my mom (whose eyesight is very bad), but we (Kev and I) just might do this on Christmas morning and see what happens.

My very best wishes to you and your family for a Happy and Blessed Christmas!


Rachel Cotterill said...

Sounds like a fun party game, I might try this on my friends & family!

Kass said...

I'm going to try this with my 12 guests Christmas Eve.

Have a great holiday season!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Yes Dave - I remember the old Goodenough Test - didn't tell us anything we didn;t already know about anybody, did it?

A Very Happy Christmas to you all.

Helen said...

The #1 funny of the Season! Have a great Holiday, Dave!

Jeanne Estridge said...

Even if they're smart enough to draw it, I don't know that I'm smart enough to grade it! What, exactly, is the correct profile for Santa?

Tabor said...

I agree that the game looks like fun, except for all that point totally at the very end. Unless you pass the photos and grade sheet and have people 'grade' each other's photos.

Rosaria Williams said...

No! This is a test! Ouch! We would all fail it. Badly.

Enjoy your holidays. Think of a test we could all pass easily.

Barry said...

Linda and I will be spending Christmas with my family at my brother's home. I will take this along and see ow many I can get to play.

After scoring, if I have no family left Dave, I will know who to blame.

But seriously, let me wish you a Merry of Christmas as well.

steven said...

on christmas day evening, the house will be full. full of unsuspecting recipients of this assessment tool. the results will be announced sotto voce such that those nearest will learn the mental ages of those furthest away. i'll let the natural instincts of those privy to the information release determine just how and how quickly those furthest away find out how developmentally immature they actually are!!! wish me luck. oh and thanks for this. steven

Conda Douglas said...

Oh my, I wonder what Picasso's score would be? Great fun!

readingsully2 said...

Merry Christmas, Dave. :)

Cloudia said...

Me LIKE draw!

Aloha, Dave

Comfort Spiral

Mariana Soffer said...

Blessings to you my friend and thanks for the lovely post

Shadow said...

yikes, i think i would have failed that test, i must be 3, heee heee heeeee.

and a merry christmas to you too, dave!

Carl said...

Maybe after some Egg Nog.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Dianne said...

Yeah, I know what my friend's mental and emotional ages are,
We have a game that is a hoot, for all ages, never had a name, we call it telephone pictionary, and it's free:
everyone has a piece of paper and a pencil seated around the table. Start by writing a phrase or sentence or title at the very top, then fold that edge underneath out of sight. pass it to your left. take the new paper from the person on your right, look at the phrase, then keep it hidden underneath the remaining blank page. NOW draw what the phrase showed (no letters or numbers, symbols are debatable +->) then fold under, pass left, take new from the right and view picture but not original phrase. WRITE what the picture conveys, fold under, pass, continue until out of paper. Kids and adults find it hilarious, and life's too short not to laugh that hard often!

Linda Sue said...

when my son was three years old his pediatrician gave him this test, sort of. Representational drawing, I think he called it - My son either passed with genius status or failed with age zero status, not sure which as he drew some squiggley lines and pipes and a balloon shaped thing with a long curl coming out of it...He drew the "insides of the guy"...Your instructions made me dizzy, think I will stick to squiggles and balloons. Drawing the insides is genius!

LR Photography said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Enjoy the season!

Harlequin said...

loved the instructions.... the list of assessment criteria for mental age, pretty good.... sad to say that there are still tests like this on the go.... yes indeed.
that said, " good enough " is a criterion that is re-gaining ground... shades of Donald Winnicott.
thanks for the holiday wishes.... and all the best to you as well.

Roxana said...

hahaha - that is very funny, but we should make an inquiry and see how many of your readers actually did the test :-)

Merry Christmas, Dave!

Dave King said...

The Best Christmas Ever to All
So many great comments... and I am not able to respond to them all as they deserve. My apologies, my friends, but Christmas is starting to happen.

I wish you all great helpings of peace and joy.

My thanks to you all and - see you after the festivities!

Lucy said...

Well, it's a possibility should the festivities begin to flag I suppose...

Very best wishes for Christmas and New Year to you and yours!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

My best wishes of a happy Christmas dear Dave, full of the warmest memories of childhood to enlighten the present.

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