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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Rest of Creation

I wonder if God meant
to fill the world
quite as full of us
as it's become.

I can't believe
He saw us from the first
as cuckoos in the nest
edging all His
other creatures out.

And when he used such words
as fruitful, multiply,

did He stop to think
what we might make of them?

They were a license,
we supposed,
to bully and abuse
the rest of His creation.
To procreate among ourselves
without restraint.


Mary said...

Yes, I wonder too what God thinks. The world is certainly full of us, as we are full of ourselves. Somehow I don't think this was part of God's original plan. But only God knows.....

Rachna Chhabria said...
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Rachna Chhabria said...

None of us know what God's plans are: mysterious and strange.

Brian Miller said...

kind of a scary thought actually...and what happens when we run out of space? its not infinite...maybe we will be forced to the stars...to blow like seeds to other planets...maybe that was the plan....

Carl said...

Mother Earth is self correcting. All things will return to balance when she gets angry enough. Viewed thru the long lens of time it has happened over and over again.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Engaging question and great doubt, I prefer to stay at its threshold, I do not hazard much, it would be vain. God's original plan? As your poem implicitly makes me feel the notion of "plan" is only human, God is beyond.

Rose said...

Yes indeed, I think perhaps we forget about the rest of His creation, we are a selfish lot are we not, sitting in our concrete jungles with our flushing loo's and our chemicals down the drains, our houses and industries eating into natural habitat of fragile creatures just so we can multiply and procreate and become more selfish and imposing. Good one Dave, food for thought :)

Elephant's Child said...

Ouch. I believe that our destructive ways are 'all our own work'. Sadly. And time is running out for reparation.

haricot said...

Fortunately we can learn with other creatures a lot , and unfortunately the chance became much fewer...

jabblog said...

Mankind certainly took 'Go forth and multiply' as an imperative . . .

Dave King said...

as we are full of ourselves... point well made. (I wish I'd thought of it.) Thanks for your thoughts.

True, only too true. Thanks.

I agree, the thought is scary - and there are those seriously considering your suggestion as the race's only means of salvation - Stephen Hawkins for one!

Yes, The Gaia theory. I find it most compelling and do believe it will happen - if the planet is given enought time. But even so, the present situation has not been replicated before.

It strikes me there is much wisdom in these words of yours. Much thanks for them, they resonate deeply.

Thanks a lot, Rose. You describe the scenario perfectly.

Elephant's Child
Nothing there I could argue with. Thanks for the contribution.

Yes, inded. Your two clauses could be a theme for a whole new poem.

And still does, I do believe!

A Cuban In London said...

You forgot to add that he might have invented us (I honestly doubt it as a good old atheist) but then he conveniently forgot to create contraception! :-) I wonder if that really was a lapsus mentis.

Good, thought-provoking piece. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Ygraine said...

Yes...how we have interpreted His words to suit ourselves!
But, then, maybe that was part of the plan...to see exactly how far we would go before we destroyed ourselves.
Seems to me we are not as intelligent as we believe ourselves to be...:/