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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Haiku #282

a book of breasts wearing make-up -
launching for Christmas


Sharon Wright said...

Oh, my, this one made me really laugh out loud. Thank you

Dianne said...

drawing of a christmas ornament shaped like a breast...in the U.S. perhaps!
I like your sense of humor, warped, like mine.

Dianne said...

Hey, Poetry in Progress, said it's National Poetry Day in Scotland...
is that the whole U.K.?

Derrick said...

Really, Dave, what sort of publication are you reading?!

Windsmoke. said...

I'm a leg man myself. I hope this book of breasts is tastefully done and not crude and disgusting. It's a bizarre christmas present i must say.

Titus said...

Brilliant Dave! Says it all, in October, O So Well.

Erratic Thoughts said...

Haha...this was interesting to read.
Well, I enjoyed the comments as well, waiting for your reply, I so know it will be just as witty:)

Dave King said...

I must admit that I had a giggle or two.

The possibilities are endless. Yup, I believe it is (was) for the whole of the U.K. I hadn't realised it until a News presenter commisserated with someone from the Poetry Society that the Nobel Prize winner was a novelist and not a poet!

Nope, you don't read it Derrick - just look at the pretty pictures.

Still, we've all got bizarre friends and relatives, I guess - and we have to give them something!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Erratic Thoughts
There are no witties worthy of titties. (Did you not know that?)