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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Haiku #293

Parents' evenings?
They risk a legal action,
they being sexist.


Momo Luna said...


Bagman and Butler said...

Everytime I check in on your daily haikus (haiki?) I think it would be fun to do my own daily haiku journal. Great blog.

Derrick said...

I had to find this article to identify the sexist nature! Women might also not be able to attend because they work on the evening shift at Tesco's, just like men! The suggestion that a woman may be unable to attend evening meetings because of childcare responsibilities is a sexist statement in itself. What if a man looks after the kids - is he being discriminated against? I think the world is going mad!

Kass said...

Glad Derrick explained that.

Jingle said...

you speak of truth, yet your words are packed with wisdom.

Windsmoke. said...

Sexism is a minefield open to interpretation and debate best left alone if possible.

Dave King said...

Thanks Momo Luna

Bagman and Butler
And why not, indeed?

I agree with you. Absolutely.

Me too!

Wow, steady on!

The trouble is, every day they lay a few more mines!