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Friday, 22 October 2010

Boy with Robot (watercolour) and "Haiku" #296

It's dangerous they say
eating more than two per day -
that's octopus heads


Jim Murdoch said...

Why's the robot holding a globe in his arms?

Elisabeth said...

I thought it's a knight, not a robot, holding a globe in his arm. Come to think it might be a basket baller.

Bagman and Butler said...

Octopus heads! I'm not sure who would want to eat more than one! Wonderful haiku as usual!

Dave King said...

I was hoping no one would ask. The globe was an intrinsic part of hi., his upper body. (Don't ask why!)

I see why you thought knight. Basket baller? What that?

Bagman and Butler
Seems they put away far more than two, given the chance. They are regarded a delicacies in some parts of the world, but are known to contain toxins injurious to kidneys and liver. The Seoul authorities are therefore issuing health warnings.

Paul C said...

I just took my Omega 3 horse tablet. I'll stick with my alternative.

Dave King said...

Paul C
Wise man!

Derrick said...

A sort of well travelled robot, perhaps? As for the octops, it also reminded me of the Japanese puffer fish or fugu that can kill if not scrupulously prepared!

TechnoBabe said...

I couldn't eat one much less two.

Rachel Fenton said...

I know too much about Octopuses to ever be able to eat one (let alone two) - imagine, you go into the restaurant and the waiter takes out this coin and says "heads or tails" and it doesn't matter what you answer because it's al the same - octopus!

wonderful painting.

Windsmoke. said...

I read the same article where eating more than one octopus head a day can be deadly because of the toxins. To me the robot looks like an alien from another dimension.

Dick said...

I find that more than two tend to flop outside the confines of the sandwich.

Dave King said...

Yeah, actually, I'm as mystified as anyone. It was actually modelled on a toy a boy brought to school once. It intigued me then , and still does to a degree. It's chest was a revolving globe and it did have a sort of visor over its face. This isn't by any means a faithful reconstruction of it, but I did have it in mind.

Techno Babe
Apparently three or four is not unusual!

Oh, I do love that! You sent me off into a little reverie!

That's it - you've put your finger on it: the rob ot has eaten too many octopus heads!

Well I always put them in bread rolls - that's even more problematic.

Carl said...

Isn't it wonderful how some of our childhood toys pop up in the most unexpected places... Great painting and brave. I have been shying away from figures forever.