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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cooler among giants

Heat haze and
traffic haze
its roar distilled
                  to surface noise
                  to surf on distant shore
The A3 tamed and disciplined by trees.

Sanscrit writ in sunlight
Ivy trails on dusty earth
                         and melting sky
                         embrace each other.

Battlestone Hill presenting a
                            new landmark
                            triumphal arch
                            we walk beneath
                            prosthetic limb
                            knuckle and bone
                            ball and socket
                            hip joint or
fist and palm
fist slamming in.

White stone
earth's bone

            signs of spring delayed
            summer premature

rhododendrons and azaleas        batteries
                                 of fire

                                 sky fire
                                 soon to be unleashed.

Cooler among giants -
                  small ones -
                  and non-giants
                  larger these -
                  all vying for
                  the Redwood tribe.

Among them all
a kestrel hangs
tempted maybe
                  by the offer of a pad
                  free deregulated
                  specially prepared
                  lopped made habitable
                  by a process known as
                  natural stress fracturing.

Some guys can hardly know they're born.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Good, good, good!

Love it when sometimes your poems appear to rhyme when they in fact don't - thinking of the first stanza here. (Just proves to me the perfect structure).

Anna :o]

kaykuala said...

You have an amazing ability or rather talent with lots of creations in your verses! The word play and references quoted are varied. Not having the flavor and the advantage of context of situations often times I had to go to Wiki to ascertain them. It's an education when it's through. Thanks Dave!


A Cuban In London said...

Despite the photos, I would like to know more about the inspiration for this beautiful poem. Like hypercritical, I like the way your verses move towards rhyme, only to detour at the last moment. And I loved the rhytmic flow (I'm thinking of "White stone
earth's bone/signs of spring delayed summer premature").

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Pearl said...

I never know what to say about poems, other than noting the ones that move me, the ones that make my eyes go soft with love and yearning.

Your poems always do that to me.


Brian Miller said...

this is def a lot of fun dave...and enjoy your creativity within the verse as well....finely crafted and nic eimagery as well throughout...top notch...smiles...

haricot said...

Like brisk wind, your words tell us readers some refreshing arrival.
I like the fanfare of fire in the distance.

Daydreamertoo said...

Oh that statue is.... different.
Loved the visuals all through this. Lucky Kestrel to find a tree ... still standing!
Great write from you once again Dave!

Mary said...

That definitely is quite a work of (ahem) art? Another poem of note here, Dave.

Heaven said...

I like the spacing and format of your post ~ And I like the weaving of trees and landmark too, very creative post ~

Dave King said...

I guess it was mean of me not to give these from the off, but the truth is I wanted to see what folk would make of it without knowing the backstory.

Tuesday of last week Doreen and I wen to Wisley, the RHS gardens, something we do quite regularly. On this occasion, though, we went offpiste, so to speak. Perhaps I should explain that Doreen has a mobility scooter which places some limits on where we can go. On this occasion we discovered a path we had not known to exist - or we'd not been venturesome enough to try it. At any rate, my poem was the outcome of our exploits.

Battlestone Hill is a longish incline, usually with something of interest at the summit. On this occasion, the sculpture.

The reference to the lopping of the tall trees at one point picks up some of the info' from a board explaining that it has been done with the express intention of attracting a bird of prey to nest there.

Interesting comment. Thanks for it, I shall give thought.

Thanks. Much appreciate this. I shall try to give more thought to when I need to give references and links.

A Cuban in London
Again, a very gratifying comment. Many thanks. Hope the notes will help.

Much thanks for your very kind words. A great encouragement.

This really menas a lot to me, so very many thanks for it.

Great comment, for which much thanks.

Daydreamer too
Thanks - and a great response which is much valued.

Thank you. Lovely comment.

Thank you so much for this. Really good to receive it.

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