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Monday, 30 April 2007

Poetry Workshop

For those who would appreciate the chance to participate in a poetry workshop, but for one reason or another are unable to take advantage of the excellent offerings around these days, I think I have found the ideal alternative. It seems to be for me, at any rate.

Two or three weeks ago I chanced to visit the Books section of The Guardian Unlimited website, where I discovered there to be a monthly poetry workshop.

April's workshop was being run by Carol Rumens. The task she had set was to write a triolet. This, for those who do not know (I didn't) is an eight line poem in which the last two lines are the first two repeated - and just for good measure, the first line is also the fourth. (Incidentally, the word triolet seems to refer to the fact that the first line appears three times.) A rather contrived little arrangement, I thought, but a bit of fun trying to make something out of it - silk purse and sow's ear sprang to mind. Certainly, it does not leave the poet much elbow room. What I found most difficult was to come up with a first line that would fit easily and naturally into its next two, slightly different, slots.

I was in fractal mode, as some of you might appreciate, and so tried to write a triolet about fractals. You will not be surprised to learn (I wasn't) that my effort was not shortlisted - but then, if I only wrote about my successes, there would not be many posts! Shortlisted poems are commented upon by the poet running the workshop, who also leads into the activity with an introduction both useful and interesting - certainly that is so in those I have tried. (Past workshops are available on the site.)

Here, for what it is worth, is my slightly embarrassing effort.

The Fractal

A deepening rose the fractal is,
a sea forever opening,
unique and samely, like a kiss.
A deepening rose the fractal is
where beauty and disorder tryst
and numbers go on partying.
A deepening rose the fractal is,
a sea forever opening.

Hopefully, it will at least give an inkling of what is a triolet. To try the Guardian Unlimited workshops, either click on this blog's title or click here for The Guardian site and navigate your way to the books section.

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