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Saturday 21 April 2007

Two Sites

It is always a great feeling that accompanies the rediscovery of old friends, and I have recently rediscovered two, both of which I think it worth while to mention.
A week or so back I decided that the links on my website were well overdue for a spot of checking and, no doubt, maintenance. In fact, amazingly, they all seemed to be working - those that were there! Several were missing. One of those was the website of a friend from college days, Bill Booth's "Themes Familiar". I had made a number of changes to my site in the not-too-distant past, and it must be (I thought) that when working on it I had inadvertently dropped some of my favourite links - for all the missing links fell into that category - but when I asked Bill if he had any idea when they fell off, so to speak, he told me that he had never been able to find his! I am at a loss to explain, for I know that his did appear on the site in two places, though not on any of the usual links pages, as I had intended to give it prominence! All I can do is to try to make amends. The link appears at the bottom of this post and I also append two drawings taken from Themes Familiar. I know you will find the site of interest. Take a look for yourself, the interest is wide-ranging: music, material on his native Yorkshire and much else. I still have not restored the links from my website, but I will, I will...

Helen Bar-Lev is the other friend with whom I have re-acquainted myself. An internet friend from the time of my first, faltering steps to producing my own website. We exchanged links and she gave me much encouragement.
She was born in New York City in 1942. She has lived in Israel for 36 years. She holds a degree in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge, 1972. Since 1976 Helen has devoted herself to art: painting, teaching and writing poetry. From 1989 until 2001 she was a member of the Safad Artists’ Colony in the Upper Galilee where she had her own gallery. In January 2007 she and Johnmichael Simon
moved to Metulla, the northernmost town in Israel.

To date Helen has participated in 80 exhibitions, including 30 one-person shows. Her poems and paintings have appeared in many online journals such as The Other Voices International Project, The Coffee Press Journal, Boheme Magazine, The Poetry Bridge, Sketchbook; River Bones Press, The Hypertexts, Palabras-Press, Poetry Super Highway, etc., and also print anthologies including Meeting of the Minds Journal, Voices Israel Anthologies, Manifold Magazine of New Poetry (U.K.), Lucidity Poetry Journal and Across The Long Bridge, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Sailing in the Mist of Time, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Harvest International, Poesy first international issue; For Loving Precious Beast, An Anthology of Poetry edited by Yolanda Coulaz.

A book entitled CYCLAMENS AND SWORDS with poems of Israel by Helen and her partner Johnmichael Simon has been published by Ibbetson Press of Boston, Mass. and is available via Lulu and also may be ordered from the authors hbarlev@netvision.net.il. Her watercolour paintings and sketches are featured throughout the book.

Helen is a member of Voices Israel English Poetry Society and The Israel Artists’ and Sculptors’ Association. She is the global correspondent in Israel for the Poetry Bridge and Editor-in-Chief of the Voices Israel annual Anthology.

Above are some images from her On-line gallery.


Themes Familiar
The Helen-Barlev on-line gallery
The Poet's Chair

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