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Sunday 19 October 2008

Rothko Extra

This is something of a post script to my previous post - a post post, I suppose! Having trawled the web for some time looking for something a little more adequate than the one, rather pathetic-looking Seagram image I was able to find for that post, I finally decided that that was it, that was all that was available. I gave up too soon, obviously (getting sloppy in my old age, no doubt), for no sooner had I posted than I stumbled upon the three that I post below. (I have found others since!)

I am also grateful to Jim at "The Truth About Lies" for pointing out that there is information available on the Rothko Chapel (which I did not cover), for which click here. I should repeat, perhaps, that no matter how good the image, it will be nothing like the reality, for scale and surface are intrinsic to the experience.


Zhoen said...

I can see a reproduction of Rothko and imagine, but only because I have experienced them in person.

I didn't get Jackson Pollock until I stood before one of his canvases in awe, wanting to dance.

Dave King said...


Yes, I can understand that. I am now trying to work out if I could say the same thing. Not sure. Having had the experience, though, is vital.

I can certainly relate to your remarks re Pollack.

Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Dave: I totally agree scale and surface are indeed significant to the experience... Interesting post.

Dave King said...

Hi Blondbloke
and welcome. Thanks for stopping by to post a comment.