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Saturday, 22 November 2008


For some time now I have been receiving complaints from friends and followers to the effect that they cannot get the comments page on my blog to work. And now, neither can I - which I think is a bit rich. Wisely, the guys at Blogger have made it impossibly difficult to contact them in any way that might require a reply from them! My aplogoes, then, to anyone who has had the same trouble - and to those who have been waiting for a reply from me. this is the best I can do. The following are the replies I would have left on my previous blog, Tagged, had I been able.


Quite a thought, that it's a male gene - I can't think of any females I know who have the same problem.

The doctor was about to give me mu flu' jab the other day when he stopped and said Which hand do you use? I held up my right and said pen and pencil, then my left and said mouse! He looked hard at me and asked; Which hand do you wipe your bum with?

Of course it was logical, who ever heard of puttin g that lot on, just to go out to play?


I have a poem somewhere on my blog recounting the (true!) story of a great aunt of mine who woke up on the mortuary slab. She always maintained that, everyone being clothed in white coats, she thought they were angels and that she was in heaven.

Sweet Talking Guy

I don't think my mum appreciated it when I walked in, though.

Pamela Terry and Edward

Well, no one would ever have thought that you needed that lot on, just to go play!


Anonymous said...

Knock knock, is it working? Hi, Dave. Your blog continues to provide a fascinating read and is obviously a nexus for a lot of intelligent and skillful writers. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Dave King said...


Tread carefully, for it still works! Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I hope this shows up, previous attempts have failed miserably... I love you blog and read new posts voraciously even going back and reading previous ones again at times.

The Blogger guys do indeed make it difficult to contact them; and when you finally do I have found that you are totally ignored... Just another of the many reasons I have abandoned Blogger.

The Insane Writer said...

How strange. I don't think I've ever had a problem getting to comments here. Then again, I'm not here often enough. I think I need to stop by more often. :)