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Saturday, 8 November 2008


As you may have noticed, I am making some changes to the appearance of my blog. Most notably, perhaps, I am replacing my list of blogs with the Followers widget. If you feel so inclined, please click on Follow this Blog in the side panel and then click on the appropriate radio button to indicate whether you would like to follow it annonymously or publicly. Finally click on the orange Follow button. The change should benefit both of us in terms of attracting more visitors. Also, please bear with me if I do not get round to your blogs as often while I am trying to sort out the compexities of the bloggers code!! - I shall hopefully make up for it later.


Conda Douglas said...

Oooh, the followers widget is cool. I enjoy the following capability on my blog, it makes it easy to check my favorites for new postings--like yours, Dave!

Dave King said...

And yours Conda. That's the main idea.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have tried to become a follower Dave but am having difficulty. It says I am already a follower and yet I don't appear on your list.
My last few comments on your blog have been returned to me so there is something odd. Will try again.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dave. The machines drive me crazy too. Which button goes where? I just push the orange RSS feed button next to the home page and have a google reader. I shal follow along from there. Hail good fellow, well met,

hope said...

Yeah Dave!

What I appreciate about this feature is that it DOES lead you to find other interesting reads you might never have discovered. Thanks!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I am following your blog publicly dear Dave, or at least I hope to have managed to do it, these matters -clicking buttons, waiting for "windows" opening- have been making me for years feel clumsy, in 2001 when for me this world started I made a series of mistakes connected with getting linked, without knowing it, with electronic viruses and other unfathomable troubles, and for this reason I still feel under the clasp of a sort of "original sin" that makes me clumsy.
Anyway your issue "Why do I blog?" is really engaging and should produce a debate of a sort, I agree with you...it all depends on the comments and those you receive are, I reckon, many and rich.

Dave King said...

Many thanks. I, too, have been having my troubles clicking on this and that. I fumble along with all this technology, but do not really get on top of it.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that. I will do what I can to help, but it's a case of the blind leading the short-sighted, I think.

Dave King said...

Weaver of Grass
Sorry about the difficulties. As I have said to gingatao, I will try to investigate.

Dave King said...

And thanks in reply. That is my hope, but it seems there are a few of what I hope will prove to be teething difficulties.

S. A. Hart said...

Are you also dropping out of EC? I notice the EC widget is gone. Not sure if it's just not loading or if this was a decision on your part. Would be nice for you to include a link to your email address! BTW, I like your idea of the followers instead of blogroll.

Dave King said...

Not dropping out of E.C.
I have lost several widgets and things as a result of upgrading the blog. Am now trying to restore them.
Will certainly include a link to the email address.