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Tuesday 23 November 2010

Haiku #314

From Greenland's glaciers
tasteless     it creates a taste --
 pure bottled water   


Dave King said...

In case the excitement is becoming too much for you, it's £6 a bottle.

Strummed Words said...

How interesting to know. A taste of melting glacier. Imagination can give it a taste. Thanks for the haiku!

Paul C said...

I marvel at the marketing of bottled water, like Fiji, which comes from the exotic island and springs. You have to love the bottle it comes in too.

Madame DeFarge said...

Why pinch it from Greenland when we have perfectly good water here? Can't we worry about water miles now?

Windsmoke. said...

Marketing of bottled water has got to be the biggest scam of all time when you have perfectly good water by just turning on your tap. Ever tried mineral water straight from the spring it's fantastic and pure.

Dave King said...

Thanks Everyone
A small but interesting range of comments, I feel.