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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Two Poems

Our seven faces looking down into the water... what
does the water show us of ourselves?

How time is linear when horizontal
but looked at vertically is rounded and compact,
how what lies far beneath us
like those pebbles on the bed
and what is past
(I think of branches overhead,
though seen by us in water as
a far more distant future)
are blurred by waves of feeling
somewhere inbetween
disturbing our clear sight -

but still not here, not part of us, our time and space.


If we've  forgotten where we came from
or if we never knew,
does it really matter that much?

Does it matter
that The North and The South Downs
have forgotten their old lives
as ocean floor?

Would they make far  better hills
by recalling now and then
their lost and sunken ways?


Daydreamertoo said...

Oh, I really like this!
You know they say that what is now the poles o=was once the equator, hence why they discovered mammoths with fresh straw/grasses in their mouths and such. so, I've often wondered how many cities, towns and other such things would be found under the oceans if we could shift all the water. I'm betting there would be so much history we'd be reading it forever. When you think about it, for a whole civilization to disappear, all it takes it a ton of water. I wonder if or, when, it's all going to happen again, and if it does, will any of us live to tell the tale. Like others lived to tell of the last polar shift and resulting ice age.
Fabulous thoughts Dave!~!

Brian Miller said...

i think the forgetting where we came from is a very dangerous thing you know...def a though provoker man and looking back always makes me look forward as well and wonder where we are going..

Mary said...

As a whole, I think we have to remember where we came from so we can hopefully repeat the good and hopefully realize some mistakes and don't repeat again. Just my take.

Carl said...

I like them both very much. the top one about looking into water I really connected with... You know me and my streams and water. It is something I could totally see myself doing and enjoying the peaceful contemplation.

Ygraine said...

I totally agree with you.
Our thoughts do shape our experiences to a great degree. I've noticed that throughout my life...
and I think we should always remember who we are and where we came from. It would be rather dangerous to do otherwise, would it not?

You've reminded me of a time when I was very young and longed to be anyone but who I was.
It certainly wasn't a happy time!

Tabor said...

I wonder to what extent our thoughts do shape our lives. It shapes where we are when things happen and how we react to those happenings, but there is still some randomness that occurs.

kaykuala said...

This verse provokes us to thinking how man managed to do it. We have to content with changes to structural history at the same time maintain sanity of evolution. This is heavy stuff. Great write Dave!


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

The powerful way of forgetfulness, your poem has reminded me of "Forgetfulness" by Hart Crane.

rch said...

Nice Dave this one really makes the reader think, I like how the two go together.

Windsmoke. said...

I reckon our past and evolution should never be forgotten :-).

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A great deal to ponder on Dave. I too believe that our past and evolution should never be forgotton in the hope we will learn from our mistakes - although I fear we never will.

Wonder about other things too such as: this very space in the world where I am sitting now... in history how many events - simple or otherwise - have happened herein this very spot ? (and how I wish I knew and could view them...).

Anna :o]

haricot said...

Your visition is so vast and long spaned that it make me think about the aquatic lives which had not have the forms of himan beings.

Dave King said...

Daydreamer too
And much thanks for your fabulous thoughts.
When you add to these the fact that beneath the surface the earth, too, is moving almost as fluidly as the oceans, what then happens to those whose remains are down there?
Thoughts just keep branching out into new thoughts!

Looking back is irresistable for me. And yes, it does give a base line for where we are going, I agree.

I, too, have an absolute fascination with water in all its forms. Thanks for your thoughts.

I, too, can remember that from the time when I was growing up. Soon through it, but its effects lingered much longer. Thanks.

Yes, I don't think thought can ever take control, but as you say: influence our responses.

Wow, I think you've just made it heavier - and opened up a whole new thought program! Thanks.

I shall have to re-read it. Don't recall it well enough. thanks for this.

Much appreciate this comment. Thank you.

There are certainly lots of reasons for believing that.

I cerrtainly agree with your first para.

The second para. echoes thoughts I have often had, which I find fascinating, for I have often wondered whether it was some quirk in my own thinking.

Yes, indeed, if we are to trace our histories back we muct start back there, I think. Some suppose that's where we will end - if w e last that long!