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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Trust him, he's an artist!

If an artist tells you
that he wants you for your body,
it's best that you believe him Ducky.
Let him have his wicked ways with you,
distort your body's finest features,
include more loving detail in the towel
than in your sexy shoulder blades,
and smudge or blur your face or breasts.
Humour him his pastels or his paints,
for if you scorn what he has made of you,
you may have scorned your immortality.

If a sculptor tells you
that he wants you for your body,
try to believe him Dearie,
though you know it isn't true.
It's his stone interpretations that he wants:
the shapes he's found in rocky outcrops
that hold memories of you.
Humour him his syntheses
of chiselled flesh and marble stroked,
for if you scorn the visions that he's seen
you may have scorned your own memorial stone.

My thanks to The Mag for the image as prompt.


Mary said...

Very interesting take on that picture! The last four lines give me chills, however.

Yvonne Osborne said...

I always thought it'd be cool to have an artist draw me Though I may not like what he sees. I love "his stone interpretations...the shapes he's found in rocky outcrops that hold memories of you." Nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, what a take on the art making. Are you sure it's not a bit more than that?

Other Mary said...

Dave I do like the the angle you've taken here. "...it's best that you believe him Ducky." This just delights me!

Leovi said...

Genial! Yes, truly amazing the focus of this poem, I like!

Brian Miller said...

eeep...yeah he has some rather sharp chiseling tools...ha...much sharper than a brush...and indeed it is the art they want far more....

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have always loved this particular pastel Dave and have a copy of it on my wall! Hope your interpretation is not a true one.

Anonymous said...

Fine stuff, this, Dave. One of your best. It provokes a ponder on the dualistic perception of the painter/sculptor. Clearly for the artist reaching for more than simply the aesthetic in a nude, a powerful sense of the erotic must remain in place. But it must be servant to the work. An interesting 'placing on hold' of what in other (consenting) circumstances would involve action of an altogether more primal nature.

Helen said...

Enjoyed the playful aspect of your Mag ... once upon a time I sat for a street artist in New Orleans. DAHLING .. he made me better than I was!

Raj said...

damn. sometimes, some things make so much sense to you when they come out of someone else's mouth. or mind.

its a pity i am always short on time
you always make everything rhyme!

baah. i know that was lame. aah well, your writing is always so remarkable :)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I enjoyed it, in particular the force, and the warning of the last two lines.

hedgewitch said...

Yes, you capture the sense of the force behind this painting, which is so much more of form than of sensuality, and also that concept of self--we are as much (and perhaps more truly) present as a form among many more durable ones as we are some siren sort of fleshly being-only the artist can reveal that immortality. Very neat indeed, David.

Tess Kincaid said...

Excellent take, Dave...a new favorite of yours...

Helena said...

Hey! Hey! What a refreshing form to take. Best of my Mag reads so far. Messages received!

Tabor said...

They want the art, but later they sometimes fall in love with the subject!

haricot said...

I happened to see a Japanese painting that depicted hesitation the model showed momentary before she would took off her kimono. Although the material and rob are different the theme seems to be universal.

Elephant's Child said...

Perhaps I am fortunate in having no wish for immortality.
This was a marvellous take on the prompt - thanks Dave.

Dave King said...

Sorry to have given you the chills. Definitely not intended.

A warm welcome to you. Much thanks for the visit and for this, a dream of a comment.

Not sure, no. There could well be a bit more to it. Good to have your thoughts.

Other Mary
And it really delights me that you like the "Ducky" line. Thanks for saying.

Thanks so much for this.

Indeed, it is the art. The thought occurs: is modelling not an art?

The Weaver of Grass
Indeed not, this was obviously written by a rather soured and frosty dame, wouldn't you say?

Take your point! The interesting point, though, is what place and powere can be allowed to the erotic. Good to hear from you.

No, not possible! You've obviously overlooked something.

Good to hear from you again and thanks for the compliment, but I often have the same experience of things from other mouths making so much more sense. Thanks for this.

Good to hear that. Thanks for saying.

Yes you are absolutely right, it is all about form. The second half of your comment also is shot through with insight. Thank you so much for it - I still have some thought to give to it.

Thanks. Yes, I have so many favourites, it's getting silly!

Wow, Thanks so much for such a generous comment. It was a great joy to write.

True, so true. 'Twas ever thus, 'tis human nature.

It does. I'm sure it is. There is much to consider! Thanks.

Elephant's Child
Ah, two fo a kind then, we are. I, too, have no wish for immortality. Thanks.