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Friday 2 August 2013

A Love Poem

Do you remember how it was?
It was not always hearts and flowers
and sunshine through the trees.
The clichés sometimes passed us by,
but that first handshake fast became
two hands of friendship -- and the start
of all my happiness to come.

And then it was that joyfulness
slipped by unnoticed for a while,
the way it often does.
Not just contentment: beauty,
and a kind of bliss I had not known before.
Dormant at times beneath a heap of cares --
the mortgage, job security, the kids --

but there as ever was in that same hand
that shook my world
when nothing seemed it could.
And now it is that all is treasured
dearly once again, and known for its true worth --
and tightly clutched as in two hands.
A drowning man, I will not let it go.


Mary said...

Dave, a beautifully loving poem! I enjoyed that the 'handshake' that began lasted forever and is still today life's greatest treasure.

And THIS is a treasure of a poem!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Dave, this poem of yours is one of the best by far.

"but that first handshake fast became
two hands of friendship" - this line had me smiling at the image it conjured.

Ygraine said...

Oh Dave...this has honestly touched my heart.
If there truly is such a thing as REAL love, then it is unmistakeably portrayed here.

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.:)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Dave this is an absolutely beautiful poem and a wonderful credit to a relationship.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Simple and stunning. The last line absolutely breathtaking.
A love poem to treasure and quote.

Rose said...

So warm and touching, beautiful love story:)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...a very cool love poem man...love goes through many different transformations as the relationships grows, changes and develops....ther eis an honesty in this as well...

sorry i am so late...on vacation and only now the boys are going to sleep...long, fun day...smiles.

haricot said...

How happy it is to have such a peaceful love story. At first it was like a plane stone and you polished it together.
It is quite a treasure.

Carl said...

heartbreakingly beautiful Dave. You are a true master.

A Cuban In London said...

That was not just a beautiful poem but also the reality of married life summed up pretty neatly in a few stanzas! :-) Many thanks, sir. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Greetings from London.

Dave King said...

Hi All

It looks like I'm finding it difficult to manage these hiatuses in my blogging routine. I had overlooked the fact that I had not responded to any of your comments, even though they were each and every one appreciated even more than usual. I shall try harder to get to grips in future. Thank you all so much!