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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Annual Pilgrimage

buds and yellow leaves
spring and autumn on one bough
stranger times to come?

On Sunday last, our annual pilgrimage to Wisley, the home of The Horticultural Society.(Actually we like to go much more frequently, but Sunday was the first time this year! Fortunately, we had perfect weather: warm sunshine. We were even able to have our lunch alfresco.

Two shots showing parts of the rockery

This handsome fellow (below) is called Bigfoot. We found him in the greenhouse. He is a member of the cucumber family - believe it or not! I should have included something for size comparison, but he is perhaps a meter across.

I saw the fellow below on the lake. He was some distance away, the zoom was up to the job, but my shaky hands were not. Ergo the shot is a bit fuzzy. I think he's (or she's) a heron. Does anyone out there know if I am right?

I was quite taken by these grasses.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love Wisley - especially the rockery Dave, so thanks for reminding me of it - it is years since I went - it is too far from up here.

anthonynorth said...

Some great pics and the haiku sums up the times perfectly.

sunny said...

Hi Mr Dave,excellent images.really enjoyed them.

Isabel Doyle said...

Looks like a heron to me!

I was expecting a pun on annuals, but even so perhaps your pilgrimage should hope to be: perennial?
Looks like a grand day out.

Carl said...

looks like a lovely day. Yes the bird looks to be a blue heron. I can see why you liked those grasses I would have been lost in them with my camera for half the day.

jabblog said...

I've been thinking about going to Wisley again - haven't been for a few years. I've never seen a heron there - you were privileged:-)

Brian Miller said...

wow that is a kinda crazy cucumber...i like the rock and water, imagine that to be a soothing place...your verse...stranger times to come indeed with the indian summer we are having...

Art Durkee said...

Blue heron, no doubt. Not sure if it's a great blue from the photo.

Here in Wisconsin, we have great blue herons every year on the local river. They swoop in with their 6-foot wingspans, and wade upstream, hunting for fish. Absolutely a beautiful bird.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, a joy to my eyes!

Victoria said...

I would love to visit there. Your photos are beautiful and I like the buds and changing leaves co-existing. I was cleaning out spent day lily leaves this week and new leaves were sprouting. It's that time of the year when it doesn't know what to do.

kaykuala said...

Classic photos you have here Dave! A horticultural visit can be most refreshing and inspiring! Couldn't believe a cucumber can be that 'shapely'.And a great accompanying haiku!


Windsmoke. said...

Bonza photos and the Haiku that described the gardens on the day :-).

Dave King said...

Weaver of Grass
The rockery had a makeover a couple of years back and is much larger now. There's always something new to see though, no matter how often we go.

Yes, I thought the phenomena of bud and and autumn leaf together said it all, somehow.

Good to know that. Thanks sunny.

Yup, I was pretty sure it was a heron, but one very knowledgeable chap seemed to think not.

Yup, I could have lost myself in them, but we were with friends, and they were already some way ahead.

A first for me, we've never seen a heron there before.

Agreed. And I wouldn't fancy a few slices of Bigfoot in my sandwiches.

Ah, thanks for that. That seals it in my mind. I'm pretty sure I've not seen a blue heron before. Many thanks for that piece of info.

And many thanks for your kind response.

It is indeed. We have some "Apple Blossom" bushes which always flower just before our son's birthday, which is the first day of June. They have never failed to be in bloom for the occasion, and they performed as usual this year. Now they are blooming again. They have never done so before.

Mmm, I don't think it is an actual cucumber, just from the cucumber family. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks. Glad you like them.

Carl said...

I know the feeling well... wanting to linger to get the photo and realizing your friends are out of site and ahead of you.

Jenny Woolf said...

I love Wisley but haven't visited the gardens for far too long, although I've cycled round there and called in for tea and to buy some gifts - just not gone in the garden.

I suppose it's a bit late in the year to go now. But I'll try to make it in March and visit the daffodil fields.