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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

my first driving instructor

change down here!
the man on the corner
just standing there
potential suicide

change down here
steep hill to your left
that lorry there
its brakes about to fail?

change down here
see the lime tree?
could hide a boy
about to run across the road

don't change yet...
my early lessons
all in first -
know your bottom gear!

I changed up then
found a new instructor
lest I became
the suicide.


Elisabeth said...

This one hits me, Dave. I'm in the throes of helping my youngest daughter learn to drive. Here in Australia they've changed the rules. Would-be drivers must log on 120 hours driving time under different conditions: rain busy streets, city driving, on gravel roads etc before they're eligible to go for their driving license.

So far we've clocked up nearly twenty hours together, only a hundred more to go. It's hard work but it's a better way to go.

Less suicidal potential with more experience.

Your poem is very apt in this regard. Thanks.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I totally understand! Probably most people can identify. Made me laugh a little remembering my first driving experience.

Tabor said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! So right! Some are teachers and some have some weird agenda.

sunny said...

Hi Mr Dave,its really funny and well constructed.

Roy Schulze said...

I'm going to assume this too was inspired by Magpie 88 and tell you how much I like it, short, clever, and down to earth. My Magpie Tales this week is In Vince’s Car.

kaykuala said...

Give them the boot.We are the ones who decide. Heard about the guy who sacked his employer? He was happy but how to get his daily bread! You can't win them all.


Windsmoke. said...

Your poem describes my first driving instructor to a tee :-).

JeannetteLS said...

I am the youngest of four children and my dad taught the other three. He got to me and we went out and he scared me to death.

He looked at me after we got out of the car. I felt like a failure of the first order. He was then, about my age now. "Jetty, you did not do worse than any of the others. But I did worse with you. The truth is, kid, I'm too damned old! We'll get you lessons."

And he did. But your poem reminded me of that time--the ONLY time my dad lost his cool while teaching anything.

Mary said...

Well, my dad and mom taught me to drive. Brave souls, they. I was glad to hand my daughters over to driving instructors. LOL.

Muhammad Israr said...

ahan...so did the new instructor work as desired or was the same as the first one? nice line...i wonder if you can speak in prose? :P

Dave King said...

That must be very hard, but Im sure it is a better way. She will end up a better driver for it.

Elizabeth G
I often laugh about it now, but didn't at the time.

I did wonder if he was a potential suicide.

Thanks for that. Glad you thought so.

A warm welcome to you. Thanks for visiting, but actually, no, it wasn't. It is my next post that was inspired by Magpie. Shall be looking you up anon.

Indeed you can't - the important thing is to go down fighting.

Maybe we had the same guy... there can't be two of them!

I guess age has a big bearing on it... I taught Doreen - my wife - to drive. Not sure that I would now.

Know what you mean!

No, the next instructor was just what was needed.

darshandshl said...

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