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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Haiku thoughts from Guernsey

Recollected in tranquility: most of the following originated on the day I forgot to take my camera. I was about to bin them, but then thought: "No, not yet... wait and see".

A seawall for a catwalk
and the gulls in turn
show off their feathers.

Time out from the parade:
two mannequins mount guard
against maraudung swallows.

No victor, no escape.
Two rutting stags:
eternal stalemate.

Vertiginous path.
Footprints left in wet cement
end at the cliff edge.

Small things - a cracked wing mirror -
and we leave the world behind
more fractured than we found it.

Sliding towards the ferry, | A sculptor's genius?
the Autumn sea's | No, only the sea
grey avalanche. | can ripple stone like that.

From above the cliffs
a tranquil sea
threatened by a casement gun.

The old moon swells with pride | Upended ice cream cone,
nearing the skyline | a castle in the sand
which brightens at her touch. | creating its own moat.


Anonymous said...

I've said this to you before, Dave, but this 'bin' talk freaks me out. Little folders and boxes are cheap - *never* throw any writing out.

If you must bin something fine, just never throw the bin out. :)

hope said...

Why would you want to toss this away? Haven't you ever heard, "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" :)

Ken's right. [ah, the Freudian slip: I first typed "write"]. There are things I wrote then tossed in the heat of the moment: anger, frustration, what have you. Most of it I wish I'd held onto, if for nothing else than to hold the mirror up to see who I was.

I love the phrase "marauding swallows". The one about fracturing the world touched me and the ice cream cone made me giggle in delight.

I'll help Ken buy you the boxes if you'll promise not to toss things away. :)

Dave King said...

You have said it 'afore, and I take your point. It was the notebook I was agoin' a bin, thinking there was nothing of value in it.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that: I promise, I promise!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Leaving your camera behind is sometimes a good ideam Dave - I find when my camera is in my hand I am constantly searching for pictures to take whereas without it I can use all my faculties for just dreaming/thinking/observing. Like the poems so it obviously worked for you that day.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mr. Armstrong the talk of bins brings back memories of the stuff I threw out and have regretted ever since

Dave King said...

Weaver of Grass
I am sure that is absolutely right. I think on this occasion I mmanaged more without the camera than I would have achieved with it.

Dave King said...

Hi and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. You are right; I know it. I would never have dreamt of binning my sketchbook, so why a notebook?

BT said...

Hi Dave, have come to look at yours as you visited mine. Lovely haikus. Do you know Leatherdyke's blog? She writes many of those. She's also awaiting the publication of her first book. Try her http://whenthedogsbite.blogspot.com/
I'm sure you'd enjoy it. Interesting photos too.
It's a fine strong name Dave King.
Did you teach English then?
I have binned and regretted. DON'T. I think you get the gist by now.

Will add you to my blog roll if that's ok. I've just finished another 'walk' post from today. You might enjoy it.

Mistlethrush said...

I enjoyed the gulls on the catwalk haiku. They do have a presence about them don't they? And when herring gulls call - don't they just say 'Look at Me!'

Also admired the wing mirror haiku - works without a photo.


Dave King said...

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment.
I discovered Leatherdyke's blog only yesterday - I discovered several new to me yesterday. Will have a longer look at it, perhaps tomorrow - today's pretty much taken care of.
I taught special needs children, so taught across the curriculum - everything except art, which I had trained for! (Excuse all the final prepositions!)
Sure, I have got the gist! It is good advice, I know.

Fine by me if you add my name to your list. Thanks for that. I will return the compliment - maybe tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Dave. You've demonstrated incredible insight both in the writing and the desision to hold on to them.

Dave King said...

Hi, and welcome. Thanks for calling. Yes, the gulls put on quite a performance. The feedback is very much appreciated.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that. Much appreciated, not sure that it's fully deserved though!

Jim Murdoch said...

Dave, the stuff I have binned in my life. I tossed every single piece of music I ever wrote. All that's left - somewhere - is one tune on an old, unmarked tape. I now have storage boxes under my desk to deal with the overflow because as sure as eggs are eggs the moment I'll decide I can chuck something the next week I'll be looking for it.

Loved the one about the 'cracked wing mirror' BTW.

Marion McCready said...

I like the gulls on the catwalk and the moon swelling with pride. Notebooks are little treasure chests especially through the dry spells, something that feels worthless now might be the key to a future poem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, really enjoyed reading these and so glad you didn't bin them. I not only, never bin anything these days, but also date each piece religiously.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our place this weekend. I've been reading through your blog, and having a wonderful time doing so. "The old moon swells with pride"... I love that.

Edward and I welcome you at our site anytime!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I have been delighted to find these haikus and the photos, the one on the stags is superb.
And many thanks for your comment on my translation.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent series, I specailly enjoyed the first one, I always think gulls have such presence.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent series, I specailly enjoyed the first one, I always think gulls have such presence.

Dave King said...

Yes, I have to admit that I have had similar experiences: turning out some old box files going back to college days I came across some stuff I wrote back then; embarrassing now, but maybe redreftable. The thing is: if it's old enough, you can tell yourself it's from your immature phase, but what if I'd written it last year? That would have been embarrassing!

Dave King said...

You are so right, I just know you are. One aspect of it is that the current poem or whatever is always the magnum opus, even if not quite and not yet. All my other bits become unimportant by comparison. Ah, vanity!

Dave King said...

Sweet Talking Guy,
I must admit it has never occurred to me to date them, though I can see it might be useful. Am I that disciplined, though?

Dave King said...

Pamela Terry and Edward,
Welcome and many thanks for visiting and for the kind words. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that. The feedback is always very welcome.

Dave King said...

Crafty Green Poet,

Presence says it admirably. On the day I wrote that (not have a camera) they were haughty as you would not believe. They never again quite repeated it - not when I was there with the camera, that is.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, I love the seagulls one too.

LORENZO said...

good to "meet" you. I added your blog to the list of Poets and Writers on Crowned with Laurels. I will also get your feed. All the best.


Dave King said...


Seagulls seems to be winning in the popularity stakes. Thanks for coming by.

Dave King said...

Thanks for that and thanks for coming by.

Ellumbra said...

Love them all Dave, delicious, bite-sized hors d'oeuvres - which, deceptive at first, turn out to be substantially satisfying meals.