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Monday 24 January 2011

3 Haiku

a third are deceased
some are six score years or more -
Zimbabwe's voters

among the bottles
when recycling day arrives -
the siamese cat

does a body good
to see top "celebs" shopping -
in a discount store.


Tabor said...

Three for the price of once visit. Quite a nice discount, that!

anthonynorth said...

An excellent selection there.

Cait O'Connor said...

All different, all I love.

Louise said...

Love the last one!

Shadow said...

an interesting mix... where does the siamese cat fit in though??

angryparsnip said...


All three today were interesting, especially loved the recycling one.

cheers, parsnip

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Haiku has rules,
I tried many times, simply wriitng
Haiku alike piece..

love your Haikus.
powerful imagery.

flaubert said...

Dave the third is priceless:)

The Weaver of Grass said...

If you continue with three a day Dave I shall soon not need to buy a Times any more!

Kass said...

There is something about discount stores that brings out the famous in all of us.

Dave King said...

Thanks Everybody
I really do appreciate the touble you all take to comment. With a post such as this, it's always interesting - and sometimes instructive - to know how they compare one to another.

Taking up Jingle's point, yes indeed, they do have rules. As I have explained before, I do not always stick to all of them. There are Haiku and there are Haiku on my blog. The Haiku attempt to give the essence of a moment - what has come to be known as The Haiku moment - and to stick to the rules, as I understanf them. The others are no more than a bit of fun - usually on a topical subject - in Haiku form. I did outline my thoughts on this for those who might be interested here

My thanks for the awards. Very much appreciated.

The cat Shadow, fits in very neatly curled up in the plastic basket on top of the bottles. I'm just afraid that one day the recycle men might not notice him.

David Cranmer said...

You make it seem effortless, Dave. Your consistent output is to be admired.

Tilly Bud said...

Does a body good to read amusing haiku like these. Love 'em!