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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Off to the Jingle Party (and a Haiku)

Hardly am I back from one party than Pot Luck Monday at Jingle Poetry suggests another in this week's prompt. What they want is for us to list the goodies we will take to their mega "Do".

Come with me, my darling
before the year grows old,
we'll have just one more party
before the fun goes cold.

So come with me, my darling
for the party has begun.
Yes, come and have a ball, my sweet,
my favourite honey-bun.

Bring nibbles with you, darling,
hot scones of parsley cheese,
polenta tart with custard -
and salmon, if you please.

Bring pop and fizz, my darling,
cool chablis and a hock
and hot, mulled wine, my darling
for tipples round the clock.

Bring packs of party poppers
and crackers and some beer -
and possibly your double bass
for gravitas, my dear.

And if that's all too much, my sweet,
we'll grab a taxi, dear,
for we shall have a party
to remember all the year.

I've brought a sausage, darling
and stuck it on a stick
and pigs in blankets, sweetheart
and a large vanilla brick.

So come with me, my darling
and bring your fun-filled ways,
for we shall have a party
to remember all our days.

the nation's purse strings
the better health of patients
fewer drugs suits both


David Cranmer said...

Bittersweet with a touch of Robert Browning. Nice, David.

Shadow said...

very sweet, who could deny you this???

Karen said...

As a friend of rhyme, you can imagine how much I love this. The cadence is just right and the repetition really adds to the effect. Good work!

Tabor said...

Nicely done. I could almost sing it but I'd rather eat and drink it.

Kat Mortensen said...

Dave, Any party you're hosting, I wish to be a part of!
Loved,loved the double-bass/gravitas moment.


Titus said...

I'll come! I'm anybody's for a mulled wine and a vanilla brick.
Beautifully done, and Kat nicked my favourite bit,

and possibly your double bass
for gravitas, my dear.

Frances said...

Watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by!

Unknown said...

Karen, Tabor and Kat already expressed my feelings except to say I am reminded of the Owl and the Pussy Cat. The Haiku after the poem, goes together to express the worries and fears of aging.... life cannot somehow be a mindless party all the time. And if you are predisposed to consume all those rich party foods you WILL surely be needing medication from the doctor to keep your heart pumping regularly. I agree that the less drugs we depend on, the longer our health will carry us through our senior years. Many seniors drugs today have very nasty side effects. Aging is a two sided coin. Thanks for sharing this Dave.

Kass said...

What a rollicking, fun poem.

lani said...

sweet poem

and I love this blog cos this used to be my former template ...


Helen said...

A side of Dave seldom seen! I love this poem .. all the dears and darlings and honey-bun! Great fun.

JeannetteLS said...

Ah, a sausage on a stick, along with a vanilla brick. Happy New Year, Dave. It is good to be back, visiting your blog. polenta tart with custard.
Yup. Good to see your writing again.

Linda Sue said...

"I've brought a sausage, Darling" best line in the entire poem, probably best line of all time! Enjoyed the party!

Dave King said...

Nice "touch" that! Thanks.

Quite! - It's a way I have with me.

Many thanks for that, Karen.

I suppose if you drank enough, you might sing it!

Thanks. Couldn't resist that!
(Incidentally, I couldn't get the link to appear to leave mine. I also couldn't comment on your laudry poem which I loved very much indeed - "Service Unavailable")

Now I'd got you down as a bubbly and salmon person.

Very well said.

Yes, you have reflected my own views to a large extent. Thanks for them.

Glad you thought so. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the blog. Good to hear that you like it and very good to have your feedback.

Well when I do let my hair down I go all the way - even mix my metaphors! Thanks.

Good to have you back. And a great New Year to you.

Linda Sue
We enjoyed having you. Thanks.