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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Tale of Maudlin Jones and Bloodless Jack

This is the tale of Maudlin Jones
who loved a girl who was nowt but bones,
a lass who had died a century back,
who had jilted him for Bloodless Jack.

I tell of the night Jones rose from his grave
with never so much as a shower or shave.
What could he do to the bones of a man
who had turned him into an also-ran?

Bloodless Jack he met at her tomb
in a clash of bones like the knell of doom.
A butt to the head and kicks to the shins:
the last man standing's the one who wins!

For an hour they whirled like a Catherine wheel,
all brute force, not an ounce of skill,
'till the bones of each were a bric-a-brac:
one half Jones and the other Jack.

One was sporting Jack's head and breast,
whilst the bones of Jones comprised the rest.
The other stood tall with what remained -
and neither could say what he'd lost or gained,

but the half of each that was Maudlin Jones
was still in love with Mary's bones
and swore with an oath that could curdle blood
that he'd take her yet, would the graveyard stud.

Bloodless it seemed, at heart was a prude
and three in a bed seemed downright rude.
But Maudlin's bones would leap with joy
to learn from Mary they'd had a boy.

Well, they would have leaped, but dragging round
the bones of Jack, they felt earth-bound.
And nothing that Mary could do would free
the bones of Jones for eternity.

Now Maudlin Jones was a bit of a toff,
though the bones of Jack were a real turn-off,
but this was the night of Halloween
when the undead rise to join the scene.

They rose in their thousands to fill the skies
and mingle their screams with unearthly cries,
but none were as scary - no, not the whole pack -
as Maudlin Jones and Bloodless Jack.

Though all who wandered abroad that night
were shocked to see the bones ignite,
see skeletons carried on rivers of blood
and witches and vampires drowned in the flood,

for the rivers of blood had burst their banks,
engulfing the phalanx of bonyshanks,
and Mary, still between the two,
could hardly have known what the hell to do.

Then the loving trio were lifted high
on a giant wave that was sweeping by,
and dumped like flotsum on top of a dune
where they carried on by the light of the moon

until in that dim, romantic light
she saw what must rank as the ghastliest sight -
enough to trigger two cardiacs:
the bones of Jones were rejecting Jack's.

How wild is love when it doesn't care
that half of its lover isn't there!
How wild, when missing face and breast,
it can turn to the half that lacks the rest!

Two halves of one lover - Jones renewed?
No, self-assembly's awfully crude.
Not recommended for bones and such -
and Mary felt she was out of touch...

Two halves of a loaf... she thought to herself.
One for now and one on the shelf...
Alas for her plans, the night was long
and wolves and mummies did her wrong,

consumed them all, not a grain remained
when the sun returned, when the moon had waned.
And only the bairn of Maudlin Jones
remained to comfort its mother's bones.


Elisabeth said...

Dave, you have the most amazing imagination. this glorious spoof, ballad, tale of woe leaves me laughing till my bones ache.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Outstanding. A great ballad or song to memorize, Bob Dylan and William Blake again so close at hand. In the best tradition but with a fresh urgency.

jabblog said...

I love this! It gallops along at such a pace and it's really funny. I love the names, too.

ArtistUnplugged said...

What images this produced!!!!! Such imagination and ghastly too (the poem, not you). What a treat, thank you!

rch said...

Hey Dave great halloween tale and a lot of fun to read.

sunny said...

Hi Mr Dave,nice poem welllllllllllll donee:)

somewhereamelody said...

A brilliant ballad for the season.
A wonderfully livley read!

Isabel Doyle said...

what a rattling wonder!

Maude Lynn said...

Marvelous, marvelous tale!

Windsmoke. said...

A most bone chilling tale indeed one of your best :-).

Rose said...

Absolutely fantastic - a happy halloweener!!! Great stuff :D

Dave King said...

That makes me very happy! Thank you.

Wow! That's praise indeed! Thank youso much.

i'm particularly thrilled that you like the names. Thanks for saying.

A very generous appraisal. Thank you very much.

Thanks. Glad you found it so.

oooooooer, thanks for coming along.

Hi, and welcome to the blog. Many thanks for your kind words, which T appreciate very much.

Thanks a lot. Means a lot.

Mama Zen
Good to hear that you thought so. Much thanks.

Thanks Windsmoke.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

Jenny Woolf said...

Ah you should have had this one for Halloween. Although actually I prefer the one you DID have for Halloween :D