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Tuesday 1 November 2011

My Small House by the Sea

I live in a small house by the sea
and have been trying recently
to let the attic room
from which at low tide there's a view
of black stumps, the remains
of ancient forest trees that grew
before the sea came in.

To date I've had three people
come to see the room. The first,
a man, was none too clean. He chewed
a lot of gum, and what he couldn't chew
he stuck beneath the peak of a new
Kill me, Baby, Kill me! baseball cap.
He rattled on about a lot the council ought to do:
Get rid of those unsightly stumps, for one!
They spoil the view. Like stubble
on a fellah's chin, they are!

He wasn't serious. Would never have
considered living here.

Then came a woman. Portly. Fifty-ish, I'd say.
She gushed about the view. The ancient forest.
That's romantic, that! she'd say -
And kinda weird! She'd take the room.

And last of all, a vicar came
and looked it over with great care.
I chatted on about the ancient forest -
like you do! But all the time he knew:
That's why I want the room, he said.
It took a while for me to realise
that he was blind. He spoke
as though he saw the stumps for sure.

The odd thing was: they'd all had dreams
about the ancient forest, and the dreams
had led them, each one, to my room -
and not to beat about the bush... to me.


David Cranmer said...

I'd have to sell. Too much company. :)

Great one, Dave.

jabblog said...

What a view!

haricot said...

I like the view of sea at low tide
from the attic.
Old forest, stubble like on a field....
And I love the way they get to meet and came to accompany quite naturally.

Elisabeth said...

A story in a poem and again I'm gobsmacked thinking about how your imagination has managed to take you there.

sunny said...

Hi Mr Dave,you presented story in such a nice manner,that i cannot express,really like it.

Isabel Doyle said...

Your poet says 'to date ...' I am curious if there are other dreamers out there lured by the stumps and the view ... and the poet?

Fine poem which lingers.

Isabel x

ds said...

The ancient forest, and the sea. Primordial imagery so fitting in a parable. This does linger. Thank you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the personal quality Dave - it leaves one wondering did you let it to any of them?

Jenny Woolf said...

Intriguing and unusual....

Windsmoke. said...

Its definitely mind boggling when your dreams turn into reality :-).

Cloudia said...

the mystery of human relations, even brief ones, reflected in a surreal landscape . . . very engaging, Dave

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Dave King said...

Yeah, Guess so!

I wish!

Thank you. Yes, your stubble on the field takes it a step further. Thanks for that.

Seems like I can't stop telling stories! Ah me, Oh my!

That's very kind of you. Thanks.

Good point. I'm sure there are - just in case I get stuck for an idea, I might call on them.

You make it sound even powerful! Thanks for that.

The Weaver of Grass
The Vicar.

Thanks. I'm happy with both of they!

Very. Creepy.

Yes, you are right. There is intrinsically a mystery with all human relationships, I think. But especially brief ones.

Mary said...

Well, I am a little late coming to this poem. I am glad you rented to the vicar. That would have been my choice too. I am sure he will continue to enjoy seeing the view through your eyes,plus be an interesting conversationalist as well with his own stories to tell.

Anonymous said...

Awesome how they all dreamed about your ancient forest...very interesting.