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Thursday 10 November 2011

human perspectives

I got the idea watching children play imaginative games,
watching as they chalked their scenes across the square.
Arranged their artefacts like tokens on a game board...
It was the way to start a canvas for my next dystopian view.

I stand it on the easel with myself arranged before,
the light behind me - where the devil's s'posed to be.
My shadow falling on its spotlessness, I wash it in.
The shadow now is permanent, a sort of watermark for me.

They used to say at art school, 'Put something of yourself
into each work - or give it up'. Well this is what I do!
I am the ghost behind the image, a sort of quality control.
And even when the layers build or thick impastos cover me,

when only I remember that I'm there, it puts the brake on me.
My hidden form still gives a human scale to what I do.
I am the ghost that haunts the image, keeps perspectives true -
or maybe, with more truth, the children are the quality control.


sunny said...

Well done Mr Dave,really like it.

Jenny Woolf said...

Pointing out I suppose that it is very much a matter of choice which you concentrate on.

kaykuala said...

The artist in you voicing the forms gathered at art school. That is fantastic, Dave! It puts the whole perspective of children playing into an art form! Excellent take!


haricot said...

Whichever consciously or uncounsciously it may do, adults cast their shadow over children.
I thought about the clone children who are taken their arts, written by Kazuo Ishiguro,although the children of your writing are perspective.

MianTariq said...

This is your first post for me to go through. It's a wonderful read.
Quality control thing and the ghost image are good creativity.
Let me say this: old is gold.
Being a senior one among us is really a help for the bloggers.
Be blessed Mr KING.

MianTariq said...

Thanks for being responsive to my post.
How about your image by joining my site. I would be more than glad to have you as the senior most blogger in my list.
Have a wonderful and super fanatastic health and be blessed.

*****Looking forward*****

Brian Miller said...

dude, great piece...i love art...and i love doing art with kids...i read the book haricot mentioned and it def feels like that...

Helen said...

Children as quality control ... always.

Lolamouse said...

I've read this piece several times and I love it. I get something different each time. I love the idea of your shadow as a watermark of you in each piece. I also love the way you weave your interactions with the world into your art. You are a master!

Windsmoke. said...

Children certainly do keep you on your toes :-).

ds said...

Wonderful. Too much self consciousness does put the brakes on, doesn't it? But, being behind the image, and the children as quality control (oh, they are!). So much to ponder, here. Thank you.

Maude Lynn said...

"the light behind me - where the devil's s'posed to be."

I love that! Superb write.

Louise said...

I loved this Dave - loved the opening with the children, and the reflections within. Beautiful.

jabblog said...


Dave King said...

Thanks sunny.


You give a whole new meaning to the phrade "child art"! Thanks.

I hadn't really been thinking in that direction. Interesting perspectives you raise.

Thank you so much for your comments. You do me too much honour.

Yes, I read the book and found it fascinating as the truth slowly dawned. I am surprised, though, that my piece feels like that. Just goes to show, the artist doesn't always know what he's put into the picture.


Thank you so much for your very kind remarks. I find them most encouraging.

That is most certainly true.

Thank you for this. I agree with the comment on too much self consciousness.

Mama Zen
Thanks. I admit t being quite pleased with that bit, myself!

120 Socks
Thank you very much for this feedback. Your comments are much appreciated.

Much thanks.

Mary said...

I like your perspective here, Dave. Wonderful poem, really. I am right now in the process of working with some 'art' I framed, works I and another did a few years ago. I know what you mean about ghosts. I am working up to getting back to painting...soon.

annell4 said...

Yes, I've always thought all the thoughts we engage in while creating a painting, are a part of the painting, even though it cannot be seen in the final painting.

Jinksy said...

The artist is always out of the picture, but all over the canvas...

Mary said...

Jinksy and Annell, I agree with both of you. Dave, this poem provided an interesting discussion. Dave, you might find this prompt (of mine) interesting over at Poetry Jam. I'm still working on mine!