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Monday 1 April 2013

Between Heaven and Hell

And I was taken
by The-Angel-of-the-In-between
to see the Kitchen-of-the-Uncommitted-of-the Age -
the angels' latest Digital Experience, that shows
how nourishing may Heaven's dishes be
and how very toxic Hell's,
though they boast the same ingredients
and work from the same recipes,
and how both are born of mankind's muck and muddle,
the fecundity of human thought and strife,
the clatter and the clutter
of the pans of old ideas
and the sprinklings and the stirrings of the new:-
but the difference between them
is the imaginative love
that is added by a chef who's bold and true.

Thanks to The Mag162 for this excellent visual prompt.


Mary said...

Love the idea that Heaven's and Hell's dishes are both made from the same ingredients......except for the most important one!

Mary said...

Hope you had a Happy Easter, Dave.

izzy said...

Pan of old ideas! good- I enjoyed your take! thanks.

Brian Miller said...

both born of mankinds muck and muddle...ha...isnt that the truth....so either way i am stuck doing dishes....dang i had higher hopes for the afterlife....smiles...the dishes made of the same ingredients is an intriguing thought as well...

haricot said...

I cooked today quite plain dish as usual between Heaven and Hell, fortunately maybe...

anthonynorth said...

Great take on that puzzling kitchen. Yes, same ingredients - dependent on the stirring, often.

kaykuala said...

Same ingredients, same aim to please but it failed to work. Good intentions remaining as it is! Nicely Dave!


Ygraine said...

Yes...the only difference between Heaven and Hell is just a single ingredient - LOVE! That is so true:)
I really like the pic...it is one of those I just can't stop gazing at!
A great write, Dave.:)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Love this take on it. Anytime I try to cook it ends up turning to hell :)

Helen said...

I have a chef son ... when he cooks for me, it's heaven ~~ if I attempt the same dish ~~ it's hell.

Captivating poetry ...

Tigerbrite said...


Janine Bollée said...

And when one half of the populus has the use of ingredients too exotic for the ordinary supermarket shelves, the rest make do with food coupons issued as a loan to tide us over.

Elephant's Child said...

Brilliant. I am going away to think about this some more. Thank you. (And there is a LOT of muck and muddle here.)

Sara McNulty said...

Now that I have read yours, I double the thank you to you for reading mine. This is composed of splendid imagery, and intriguing ingredients!

Lyn said...

Glad to see that angels are having a Digital Experience...This is definitely "bold and true"!!

Tabor said...

Wish that kitchen would franchise itself!

Other Mary said...

Ah, yes - the chef makes all the difference. :o)

The Write Girl said...

This poem flows so effortlessly. I enjoyed each thoughtful and profound line.

Cloudia said...

Genius says the un-sayable with deceptive simplicity. You are in rare atmosphere. . . again

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3
> < } } ( ° >

Little Nell said...

The chef makes all the difference. I enjoyed this poem. The alliteration really underscored the sentiment.

Dave King said...

Exactly! Except for the most important one...

Kind words. Much thanks.

I think they call it maturity, when you begin to realise that there aint no way out of the dishes - and other chores!

Yeah, all our dishes seem to come from there an' all!

Thanks - and yes, it was quite a puzzle.

Thanks for this, the good intentions are important!

Thanks once again for some very generous thoughts.

Optimistic Existentialist
Me too! I wonder why that is...

I takke it you're referring to the result in both cases? Thanks for.

Thanks. All comments truly valued.

Sadly, only too true. A very valid point that I should have made. Thanks.

Elephant's Child
Indeed. I guess it's all muck and muddle one way or another. It's how we get by.

A warm elcome you -- and doubt not! I was genuinely impressed with what I read - and am moved by your comment. Thank you for both.

Well, I thought: why should the mortals have all the best gadgets? Thanks for your comment.

Ah, now there's a thought!

Other Mary
Hi! Welcome to the blog. Absolutely. ALL the difference! Thanks for saying.

The Write Girl
Good to have you visiting, and many thanks for the comment.

Wow! And sincere thanks again.

Little Nell
Hi! Welcome to the blog and much thanks for taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i love:
mankind's much and muddle

where is the food when mother is not?

Silent Otto said...

I reckon you have struck to the heart of this image , Dave , quite a gift you have !

Tess Kincaid said...

The pans of old ideas...oh I love that...great write, as always, Dave...