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Friday, 7 June 2013

A Visit to the Garden Centre

Foxgloves? Shakes head
Might be over yonder...
"Over yonder" is foxglove free.
Expanding, see... waves hand freely through air.
Points to board with details
drawings like an ultra neat graffito.
Double-sizing it "The Future" reads.

Relief then... two years' time... who knows? Foxgloves on the menu?

At least they have begonias. Six trays please! mixed.

Dumper trucks (concrete
mix) mixing it with flatbed
barrows with one wheel
(manure, compost, trellises)
and supermarket trolleys (betting plants - sic -
and herbaceous).


(maybe from the salvias?)

A hard hat abseils down from The Pavilion roof.
Lands among the roses.

Two ladies wander by (80? 90?)
Well, as you know, I'm no drinker. Not at all!
One full glass of whisky. That does me!

Later. (Looking at delphiniums)
I must have my dry sherry dear before I tackle tea!


Elephant's Child said...

What a wonderful vignette. I do like eavesdropping while I am out and about and loved the betting plants. (And adore begonias and hope that you find Mr Tod's gloves rather sooner than in two years time.

Janine Bollée said...

Still not sure if this is your dada or not. [don't mean to offend].
This turned into the cocktail party syndrome: 27 conversations going in one ear and out the other, while everybody is looking over the shoulder of the person who's talking at them, to try and line up a better contender.

Brian Miller said...

i feel like i am right in their with them...watching the ballet of work at the garden center..and listening in on their convo...smiles.

Carol Steel said...

Interesting. Brought me right along with the trip to the garden shop. Happy planting and writing.

Mary said...

Ha, I enjoyed this glimpse of life....and could really SEE this cast of characters! You made the scene come alive, Dave.

A Cuban In London said...

This is a great eavesdropping experience. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

jabblog said...

Very well observed and listened!

ds said...

Priceless! Love "abseils". Wonder if she got her sherry ; )

haricot said...

A little chocking beginning and the lines end up to be humorous. Various elements in a small space.

Dave King said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. They really are much appreciated.