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Monday 1 July 2013

My Best Friend for a Short While

Somehow, we have become attached to one another.
At dead of night, when I was out of it a while,
somehow we got hitched.
But for the moment I am on a mission:
to prove to Sarah; sister, guard dog, guardian angel, she
who looks askance to see me on my feet and unaccompanied,
that I am viable alone,
have all the powers at my disposal
to stay upright for a half hour -- plus those I'll need
to move around... But then,
I'm not exactly unaccompanied just now:
I have my best friend, Mr Bloodbags by my side.
Tall, ram-rod stiff, flat feet with castors,
cheerful screen for face, and only one shortcoming:
he only speaks bleepese.

Come on, I say, spotting that the corridor is quiet.
Beeep, bip, bip, bip, bip, beeeep! Beep, beep! he says,
meaning something like I'm right beside you kiddo!
I'm making for the toilet first of all.
Once both of us are safely in, I bolt the door
and from my hospital jim-jams extract
The Meanest Flower , a Mim-
i Khalvati book, no more than pocket size.
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip, biiip, blo, blo, blop, peeeeeeep, pop,
he goes. Then three raps at the door.

David! Are you alright in there? I know you're there,
I can hear your blood transfusion beeping...

I put the book away and look at him.
Why can't you keep your mouth shut chum? I ask.
Blop, blo, blo, pleep, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" he goes.


Carl said...

You can write about just about anything and make it interesting. Nice job.

Helen said...

Though you may have not chosen your new best friend, he/she is quite the poetic inspiration. I awakened quite early this morning, couldn't recapture sleep .. thought about you and here you are!!! Take care, Dave.

Mary said...

Dave, I look for a poem from you every day. This one did not disappoint. I can picture the scene vividly. You wrote it....life as it is...with humor. Sometimes one doesn't choose one's friends, but one is thankful they are there. Keep writing, Dave. Your words are gold.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...your buddy sounds like a loud mouth...i hope that you do prove your sister wrong dave and that you make it through this with only more inspiration you know..

Tabor said...

If this is reality for you these days, let us hope you mend very fast and that your sister is not needed except for the weekly phone call.

A Cuban In London said...

This is one of those "friends" you probably never thought of adopting and yet, you've turned out a magnificent poem. Many thanks. I really appreciated it.

Greetings from London.

Rachna Chhabria said...

You can write poems on diverse themes

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

A vivid picture David reminding me of what I have witnessed myself not long ago.
Once more a powerful poem, this time perfectly centring on who we all are, in the body.

Cloudia said...

Ah the indignities!

Aloha, D- Hope you are on the mend. Your title is rich

Janine Bollée said...

How good to see you able to be jocular under the circumstances.
I reckon 'Sister' doesn't have the same connotations outside the UK. [Must admit, I thought they had all gone. More's the pity.]
Why the secrecy over Mimi Khalvati? Aren't her ghazals great. And her voice...lovely.
Hang in there, hanging on to your new friend.

Elephant's Child said...

Big smiles. Thank you Dave. I am going to think of this next week when my partner undergoes (yet) more surgery. Mr Bloodbags is probably better than Mr Catheter and Mr Drain who have been frequent friends of his.
I hope you can leave your new friend behind very soon.

Cait O'Connor said...

Love this!

haricot said...

You write poem with wonderful words and the friend talks without any words but with wonderful message.

Ygraine said...

No peace with your new friend around is there? *chuckles*
I never cease to be amazed by your rare talent in finding the amusing side to every situation...and this is no exception!
Once again, your words have truly lit up my day.
Thank you Dave...so much:)

Dave King said...

Thanks Carl, always good to have your comments.

Thanks. Charming comment!

Sure thing, doing my best, but not back to normal routine yet - maybe a few weeks before normal service is resumed!

Brian Thanks. Not my sister, though. Sister = senior nurse in charge of a ward.

I hadn't realised that "sister" was so Brit specific. Pleas see answer to Brian.
Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes.

A Cuban in London
Thanks as always. Great encouragement.

Thanks for this.

Thanks Tommaso, very much appreciated.

Ah, indeed!

Yes we had sisters - and, I believe, a matron, though not seen. No secrecy over Mimi, just a bit of peace in which to enjoy her!

Elephant's Child
Seems like I might have more in common with him in the near future. All my best wishes to you both for hi speedy recovery.

Grateful thanks.

A most generous comment, for which much thanks.

Thank you so much.Your comments are a great encouragement.