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Saturday 17 August 2013

I Miss Me Hot Flushes!

They're changing me treatment,
me hot flushes have gone!
With side-effects missing,
it all feels quite wrong.

There's nothing to kid me
this thing's on the run
without a small heat wave
to rival the sun.

There's no reassurance
that the plan's still on track...
has it simply stopped working,
or found a new tack?

Can you not fix it
that when it kicks in
it will give indications,
say a flush or a spin?

There's nothing comes back to me
as sign from the war
to say how it's going,
to let me keep score.

Could you speak to the doctors,
have some flushes restored,
something to stop me
getting anxious or bored?

I miss me hot flushes,
I miss 'em like hell:
a quickie at bedtime
would suit me real swell!


Elephant's Child said...

Loud smiles - but no,no,no. You can KEEP hot flushes. For eternity.

kaykuala said...

Hot flushes can be enticing but not too much so! Reddening of the face and feeling high might result! Nicely Dave!


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Cleverly spun Dave!

Methinks you are referring to your illness and treatment. It is strange how a sudden absence of symptoms and/or drug side effects causes us anxiety – it as if they have become part of who we are. Please be certain that many positive thoughts and loadsa hugs are constantly being transmitted to you!

In response to your question in your comment of my (last) post; when writing it, I had no real idea where it had come from. It was only when set to post that I realised it was the word ‘radar’ and the thought of people dropping off same that had made me think of my lovely resident.

It was then too, that I realised I had picked up the word radar from your post and that made me conflicted as to whether to post mine. I didn’t for a good few hours and then decided to. So in reality the original thought was from you and the dVerse prompt made me turn my thoughts into words.

So my friend, thank you, and keep your arms open for my (thought) transmitted hugs!

Kind regards
Anna :o]

Grace said...

Those hot flushes can be a good thing too ~ I am praying for your good health ~

Just wanted to let you know that Kelvin wrote a lovely poem for you:


Brian Miller said...

def....when what we have lived with for so long is finally gone....we can miss it, like a friend...it once, though pain or discomfort, reminded us we were alive....

Mary said...

A powerful poem, Dave!

Hopefully the war is going well and the disease is on the run.

Many of us are fighting for you in our own way.

And yes, do read Kelvin's poem!!

Cloudia said...



Anonymous said...

Peace and patience ~ M

kelvin s.m. said...

...a change will always gonna come... we just have to trust & be patient... smiles...

kelvin s.m. said...

...and so...don't you worry child... everything's gonna be fine... :)

Ygraine said...

Hot flushes?
No thanks...having too many of these myself right now!!!

Great poem Dave:)

Cait O'Connor said...

This made me smile!

Brett Smith said...

Nice poem! I remember those days when we use to sing the poems in school. Memorable days of life. Essay-Writing-Library