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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Pool at Night

Digital copy of an original Watercolour -
the same view as in the watercolour shown here

Haiku #196

Five volume life story...

The Rooney Star Wars Saga,

Goal-less, has been cut.


Dianne said...

love the watercolour, your canvas painting, or digital?

Kay said...


Unknown said...

Fantastic painting, Dave! It's blue of course! I could happily live without any volumes of Rooney!

Dave King said...

My thanks to all three and thanks for the query Dianne. I was father frugal with the info' on this one. It is a digital copy of a watercolour, a more "abstract" version of paintings I have shown before. There was some digital jiggery-pokery (a new meaning to "mixed media" perhaps), but it is basically a watercolour on paper. I have expanded the caption accordingly.

Karen said...

Beautiful watercolor, Dave.

Cait O'Connor said...

Fantastic dreamy painting.
I stumbled upon your blog via Willow. Poems and pics drew me in.....I will be back.

David Cranmer said...

I'm always impressed with your art.

Carl said...

Wonderful painting!

Carl said...

Wonderful painting!

CiCi said...

This is a very nice watercolor. You really have talent.

LR Photography said...

Love the watercolor Dave!

Dave King said...

Thanks a lot for that.

Welcome to my blog and very many thanks for stopping by to commen t. It is much appreciated.

Good of you to say so. Thanks.

Much thanks - I'll take the repetition as being for emphasis!

Thanks for the compliment.

Appreciate the comment.

Carl said...

absolutely Dave... Absolutely Dave.