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Saturday 31 July 2010

Stuff that's amused me - and Haiku #220

A new venture: Stuff that's amused me, like the haiku a daily dose. Only it won't be daily, it'll only be when something/someone has amused me, and when I'm in a grumpy mood, nothing amuses me. Sol what I thought is that I would try to stick up summink each day, one or the other or both. So kicking off today:

Read in this morning's Guardian (Nicholas Lazard's column): When Norman MacCaig published a collection of his rather dense poems he was asked "When are you publishing the answers?"

Yup, well it just appealed to me, but I dare say it'll not get much better than that, so you have been warned.

Haiku 220
Belated Greetings
75 Yesterday -
Penguin Books

(Overlooked in the excitement engendered by Kindle, of course!)


Rachel Green said...

well I laughed!

Jinksy said...

I think Blogand could display several dense poems that need answers!! Or even translations? LOL :)

Tabor said...

Love that statement as I am so dense myself many times and when a dense mind meets a dense poem...it is all quagmire from then on.

Dave King said...

Pals for life!

Funny you should say that - I'm working on a translation of one for tomorrow's post.

I don't believe a word of it.

Unknown said...

Funny what tickles us, eh Dave? And this tickles!

CiCi said...

Happy Birthday to Penguin Books.

Paul C said...

Penguin turns 75 is news indeed. Nothing like having a row of good Penguins on the shelf.

Helen said...

Your funny is 'funny.'

I have a brother-in-law, big, burly, funny, dear. A life long smoker, loves his whiskey, plays poker with the best of them ~ you get the idea. He has had a few health related issues along the way. Now it seems he has an aneurysm (not terrifically large).. his physician has urged him to quit with the cigarettes. In a meeting with my sis present the good doctor suggested replacing sex each time he had an urge to smoke.
Without missing a beat, my b-i-l said 'well, I'd have to have a smoke after the sex.' The good doctor just laughed and gave up.

Hope you laughed ..........

Linda Sue said...

"stick up summink" made my day!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the McCaig anecdote Dave - think it could apply to many poets. When I think of the hours I have spent in lectures discussion what the poet means by a certain line.
On the theme of McCaig though - I love his poetry.

Carl said...

I like that one a lot Dave...


Eryl said...

Made me laugh and I don't even know MacCaig's work. I keep meaning to check him out.

I think 50% of my books are Penguin, happy birthday to then indeed!

Harlequin said...

Haiku's 219 and 220 are fine !!
and I laughed, too....

given your sense of humour ( and the absurd) these next posts ought to be things of beauty!!

Rachel Fenton said...

Why didn't someone tell me there were answers? ...now it all becomes clear...

Dave King said...

I'm tickled very easily.

I remember my first one: it was "microbes by the Million." My next was "Plato's Dialogues". Early days, they were. It was yonks before I could read them and really understand them.



Linda Sue
I'm glad.

Thanks for that. Yes, I agree on all points - but especially the last.

I did too.

Yes, let's hope they keep goin g for another 75 years - at least, Kindle or no Kindle.

Thanks, but try tokeep expectations down a bit!

I know - I always thought the answers were at the back of the book.

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