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Sunday 1 August 2010

A Game of Scrobble - plus.

Well friends, that fabulous Nanu person over at Have Genes Will Travel is driving the bus and the ticket this week is for a tour of those non words that confront us on some blogs and that are there to establish beyond reasonable doubt that we are too robotic to be a machine and must therefor be some kind of humanoid. Brilliant idea. Opens up the ride to all manner of zany and goonish extravaganzas. Only trouble is I tried it last month. Cheated, actually, for that was not the task set before us on that occasion. Now I wish I'd kept my contribution stuffed up me shirt until now. Could do with it this week. Fortunately, though, I had kept me non-word pool stuffed up me shirt.

So here it is, friends, me contribootion - ooer, I'm getting ahead of mesel'!

"Scabulus!" schreekd Werrnel Capscudd stunkinj each skware with his frist fflinjer as he splammed the last of his tiles down on the board. "Treebel letter, treebel letter, treebel werdle - 'Sumpteen towsernd poynts!" "Schitt-borlls! Fluckue! There's nosnitch werdle!" schreekd Shammeer Sharrash. "Cheeet!" they all shreekd toogeter. You veitode 'bubosive, atorgalt, unfesibl and ocandi', so you kantafv 'scabulus!'" cryed Orphoris Mingor. Then wivoot wornin the board and all the tiles wasseint fli-inng to the crappet, spelling out the pharse: "Tanksa lot to Nanu for the trippe."

Smile-Worthy Stuff
Thought this was initially. Not so sure now:-
The owner of a Budgens Store in North London, asked why he is stocking squirrel meat, replied: "For reasons of sustainability".

Haiku  #221
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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

If only Dr. Seuss were still alive to illustrate this!

Dave King said...

Pamela Terry and Edward
Ah, now there's a thought!

Unknown said...

This reminded me of Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker - the language he uses in that novel.

Jim Murdoch said...

There must be something in the water. Reyes Cardenas has just posted a version of 'The Red Wheelbarrow' as read by Elmer Fudd here.

Dave King said...

You have me there, I don't know it. Must look out for it.

Yes, I see what you mean. Maybe you're right.

CiCi said...

It is hard for me to read but not impossible. There is hope for me after all.

Batteson.Ind said...

Love a good bit of sci-fi.. and this bit is great! cheers!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Could be Chaucer!

NanU said...

Oh my! Yes, does it come with pictures? I loved every letter, no matter what it said.

Argent said...

Haha! Really enjoyed this game of Scrobble. The expleteives really made me laugh "Schitt-borlls! Fluckue!". Nice to see I'm not the only one who has used an expletive this week.

Helen said...

Dave, the really frightening thing is I read your Poetry Bus offering basically understanding all of it! Love the squirrel meat funny and your haiku!

Bagman and Butler said...

Brillig! Now that's really gyring outside the wabe!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Isn't it funny how clever all the poems sound, Dave - I am amazed - and how poetic. Reading the 'story' though reminded me of my parents who used to play draughts every night. My father always won and one night my mother could stand it no longer and she jumped up and threw the board and the counters up the fireback! (there's a poem there somewhere!)

Gerry Snape said...

Omania ...I definitely think old Charles Dodson is turning in his you know what probably all a bit of a sather though maybe nosici.I would write dessema but I mudesi it all up.

Kass said...

I harf to sway, I inchoyed thet vur vur mush.

Titus said...

Fabulous! Brilliant idea to set it within a game of Scrobble, and I swear the players had an accent I recognised.

And I liked the sustainable squirrel meat. Though I haven't tried it yet.

Raj said...

twitter made it to haiku? lol

Dave King said...

No pain without gain in this case, I'm afraid.

the Watercats
Yow, I didn't spot that!

Earlier than him, I thought...

Funny that... I had planned a photie of a scrabble board with some of the words, but I ran out of time - life got in the way. Much than ks.

Eeeer, wasn't me guv - wasn't me used 'em. I just reported them, you understand.

You mean you don't usually understand...?

Bagman and Butler
Ya, rock on!

Indeed there is a poem there - I shall look forward to reading it anon. And thanks.

Dja rally think at Gerry? Shim sham shame, it is.

Brillovoo to sayso. Taitis.

Thanks - one of the players was eastern European. Don't know about the other.

Ah! I thought it was the squirrels who were being sustained. Couldn't understand...

Had to happen, I suppose.

Jinksy said...

Loved every wordlepoo!

Dave King said...

Thanks jinksy. Nice to know.

Erratic Thoughts said...

You are simply great with haikus.
"Tweeting your Amens" Lol..too good :D

Dave King said...

Erratic Thoughts
I rather liked the end bit, too. Thanks.

Tumblewords: said...

Somehow I wish I'd had to struggle a little more when reading this! Terrific and fun scrooble.