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Wednesday 4 August 2010

The 10 Best Slam Poets and Haiku #223

The good folk at Online Universities have sent me this link to videos of The Ten Best Slam Poets which I thought might interest some of you. They would be interested to hear of anything similar you happen to come across or know about.

The coalition
consulted us, Joe public,
but ruled out all our views


Erratic Thoughts said...

Dave, Thanks a zillion for that link.
They are amazing poets and I liked their narrations :)

Karen said...

I don't know to what specific this haiku refers, but I know it's certainly the universal story!

Dave King said...

Erratic Thoughts

Back in the spring the coalition produced its proposals for putting Britain right and made great play about consulting the public and getting our ideas, because that's what it's all about etc, etc. They've just published the final document - not one change, no additions or deletions; absolutely as was before the consultation.

CiCi said...

Isn't that the truth, they ask regular folk for opinions and then dismiss them. What is that about?

Dave King said...

Democracy, innit?

Helen Ginger said...

I've heard some slam poets that are wonderful and some that left me scratching my head. When they're on the mark, though, they definitely make you think.

Straight From Hel

Unknown said...

Since when has government consultation ever been any different? It's like "not wanting to preempt a Commission Report" when they've been instructed in their findings! Some of the slam guys are good but not sure I could take an entire evening of it!

steven said...

dave - my first contact with slam poetry was just over a year ago. blew me away! thanks for this link. steven

Raj said...

oh they ask but then they foregt to listen :P

Rachel Fenton said...

Cool link, thanks, Dave!

Neat hailu, too.

Linda Sue said...

hmmm your haiku sounds like me being married...thanks for the link- it rocks! and "Teacher's make a goddam difference!"
Great Dave!

* said...

Bless you for this link! I'm going there next.

PS: You're in the top 10 responders for my Inky Letter Movement. Email me your snail mail address if you'd still like to get a card from me!


Dave King said...

Thanks Helen. I don't have a lot of experience or knowledge of slam poets.

I think we are on the same lines - on both accounts, but with the above proviso.

I definitely must give them a whirl, I think.


Thanks Rachel

Linda Sue
I heard "Teacher's make a goddam difference!" a while ago, but didn't say with it until the end. I have now - and I agree.

OK, thanks will do - as soon as I can get into my mail box. I'm told there's "an internal connectivity problem" just now!