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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Grinny-stuff and Tanka #8

For the start of the season... presenting England's new sponsors.

And the Tanka

Choice has got too complex
made ditherers of us all
ergo we're depressed
can't decide on daily issues -
technology's the culprit.


CiCi said...

Many people in other countries say we in the US and you in UK have way too many choices. Maybe we do.

Helen Ginger said...

You and I were thinking along the same lines today. Is technology always a good thing? Is it inevitable?

Carl said...

Thanks for the smile.

Tabor said...

Increasing choices has not helped our young folk decide on careers certainly.

steven said...

dave i wonder if the challenge people face is that the ability to make decisions hasn't kept up with the growing access to a broader range of possibilities? funny shirt. steven

Unknown said...

Some clever photoshopping on someone's part? It's certainly appropriate! Less choice may have made life simpler; not sure it made folks happier!

Dick said...

Ain't it the truth, both grinny stuff and tanka.

Kass said...

Self aware, other aware,
aware of you own awareness -
the only choice is to ration all
choices to the overaware
or the underwear
with the best logo.

Helen said...

I dream of living in a simpler time ... but it's only a dream.

Love that shirt! And your tanka of course!

joaquin carvel said...

now there is a jersey i'd wear.


great tanka, too - all of this stuff was supposed to make life simpler - but it's just more to manage.

Linda Sue said...

Yes, i yearn for the days of "hunt the bear- kill and eat it"...so simple...

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

You have quite simply and fiercely touched an raw nerve of our time.
Technology: it's enough to see how people almost seems to take for granted queuing for hours waiting for their turn in a mobile phone shop in which air conditioning reaches North Pole temperatures...

* said...

I love the word "ditherers" -- splendid use of it!

PS: And technology? I love it, I hate it!! :)

Titus said...

Hmm. I'm not so sure. The ease it has given us leaves more time, to my mind. I cannot imagine boiling the copper up to do the washing, or beating rugs, or etc.
I love washing machines and hoovers, and feel enormously privileged that when I want to purchase some arcane item (usually a very certain Knex construction kit) I can find it via the internet and they deliver to my home.

Love the shirt though.

Dave King said...

I think so, but it's not only - or even mostly - the range of choice that's made life so complicated. It's technology from predictive texting onwards and upwards.

The ways in which it is used are not always good.

Ditto for the comment.

I can understand that.

MM, I dothink it's more than choices, though. Technology inhibits some.

Agreed. The photo was sent me.

Sadly - twice!

That is just brilliant! Thanks.

Maybe dreams could have a part to play?

A warm welcome to my blog and many than ks for stopping by to comment.
I think your last line puts it exactly.

Not sure I'd go quite that far - but I think they may be coming.

That says it all. Absolutely spot on!

I think you speak for the majority... should we add:- but can't live without it?

I can't find it in me to disagree with any of that. I suppose it's the later generation technology, above washers and cleaners and things.

dennis said...

i like it..