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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Haiku #230 - plus, the joke's on me!

Time 2 get up (2)
Mum's second text of the day -
saves calling upstairs

This only brought a smile because, glancing at it quickly, I misconstrued it:-

After rummaging a lost volume in her book-packed house, Hill vowed to spend a year reading only the titles on her shelves.

What it is to have a literal mind!


Jinksy said...

Um... I might like titles on shelves - if I had shelves to label! LOL :)

Erratic Thoughts said...


My books are everywhere-under the bed, on the tea table,on kitchen platform...:-/ (Good Lord!some places are out of my reach!)

And my mom is still getting used to her new cellphone...so I get some extra 5-10 mins to get up!yeehaw!(mom's birthday gifts are so skillfully selected ;) )

Nice Haiku Dave :)

Unknown said...

Crafty! At least the text beep might elicit more interest than Mum's shouting! I needed Jinksy's help with the second one!

Kass said...

Life is a mish-mash
of collected family:
loved books and people.

CiCi said...

Texting is usually better than yelling upstairs.

Tabor said...

i am so soo slow. I just got this after reading it an hour ago!

Unknown said...

I think that by the time I'd have text it would have been quicker and easier ti either shout up the stairs or actually walk up the stairs!