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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Haiku #249

They're using iphones now
to listen to the heart beats -


The Weaver of Grass said...

I recently heard my heart beat when I had an echo cardiogram - sounded a bit scary actually Dave.

Kass said...

i phoned my sad heart
and it text-messaged me back,
"The line is busy."

Hannah Stephenson said...

Is this true?!!?

How amazing. Pretty soon iPhone will come up with a heart transplant app...:)

Unknown said...

And all we ever wanted was a to make a call!

Anonymous said...

From Therese B. -- Cool!

Windsmoke. said...

R.I.P. The Stethoscope.

Dave King said...

Weaver of Grass
Yes, I can imagine that it would.

That is the best haiku I have read in a long while. I was going to reply with another, but decided that I couldn't follow it. Thanks.

Hi Hannah and a warm welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting.
It is true, yes. Apparently there is a 59p app, downloadable from the internet, which turns an iphone into a stethoscope. Many doctors now prefer it, seemingly.

You and I are just dear old fashioned things!

Our responses were very similar: mine was "Coo!"


CiCi said...

Could we even have imagined all the uses for something an iPhone when we were kids??