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Saturday 11 December 2010

The Essence of Me on the Poetry Bus ; and Haiku #325

The image below gives the essence of this week's challenge - or one of them - issued by Titus the Dog. It explains what is an essence vessel and what it means for us as would-be passengers.

The Essence of Me

The essence of me
for those who would look:
bleached wood from the sea,
a worm in a book,
the hues of a tree.

The essence of me
for those who would taste:
a garlicky fish
with horseradish paste,
some hot curry dish.

The essence of me
for those who would smell:
ozone from the sea
faint whiff of bluebell,
black coffee and tea.

The essence of me
for those who would hear:
the silence of graves,
the words of King Lear,
weird echoes in caves.

The essence of me
for those who would touch:
smooth stones from the sea
the sea's angry clutch -
pure joy in a knee.

The essence of me
as a conscious man:
what it means to be,
what it is to plan -
life as mystery.

Haiku #325

In the library
smoking an orchid to death
was a rolling stone


Dave King said...

Just for the interest, The Rolling Stone was Keith Richards, the library was a public one, he smoked in the vicinity of what was a rare orchid - and sent it into a death spiral.

Unknown said...

A wonderful essence, Dave. The sea appears to be a dominant feature; ever changing.

Titus said...

Beautifully done, Dave, and I like the use of the five senses with such resonant imagery. The simplicity of the structure suits essence well. And to end on mystery...

Helen said...

I thought this challenge to be one of the most difficult ... and wondered who I might read first. I'm glad it was you.

I imagine others will feel as I do .. that we have known Dave King all our lives .. we know him well.

CiCi said...

That Keith Richards has not learned social graces yet.

So far I have no idea where my spirit would like to linger. Possibly matter is so intertwined it doesn't matter.

The poem is but some of the ways to describe the essence of you. You picked a nice mix.

Pearl said...

Wow, Dave. You've given me something to think about on this ridiculously snowy day!

My essence? Really, I'm going to have to think about this for a while.


Windsmoke. said...

I thought somebody was actually smoking a Orchid in a library.

Totalfeckineejit said...

You painted an appealing and a skillfully complete (all the senses)essence of yourself there Dave!

Dave King said...

You are right. The sea is a constant theme. It has a magnetic hold on me.

I decided right at the start that simplicity was called for - and nothing is finally satisfying to me without a touch of mystery!

I ducked the spirit lingering bit. We had a family death recently and there has been some talk of where we'd all like to finish up. I am not yet resolved oon the topic, though I realise that I'm running out of time!

A warm welcome to you. I think maybe I should have thought longer, but 'tis done. So be it! Thanks for your comments.

That was the intention. Sorry!

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Jim Murdoch said...

Don't have anything profound to say other than I enjoyed this and you handled the rhyme well; it's harder than most people imagine.

Jinksy said...

Essentially delightful!

Dave King said...

Many thanks. I can confirm that it wasn't overly easy!

Thank you.

Kass said...

Wonderful lilting poem. I'm envisioning it in illustrated book form.

I imagine Keith Richards could suck the life out of his own death.

Tabor said...

Yes,heard about 'King' Richard and his self-centered behavior...I actually feel his brain has somewhat pickled and he thinks he is back in 1960 most of the time. Love this essence theme because, as you probably do not know, essence is one of my favorite words. Was this a meme or challenge or just something you decided to do?

Tabor said...

Never mind on the question, I just read the comments. Maybe I will take this up on some gray winter day with nothing to do but try to stir my gray cells.

Gerry Snape said...

I love the pattern, the rhythm and the rhyme. And now we all know you that little bit better.

Kat Mortensen said...

At least Keith has come up a bit from smoking his father's ashes!

I thought your "essence" poem was uncharacteristically simple - that is, not to say simplistic by any means.

I loved the way you explored the senses - pure joy in a knee really made me smile. The sea seems to be a big part of you, Dave. Me too.

Cait O'Connor said...

I liked your poem very much and the subject matter is a really good one - essence.

The Bug said...

This is really good - I also love the use of the senses. It gives us a sense of the complete man.

izzy said...

Love the way you pulled things from the whole being ! flows really well, Great thanks!

Dave King said...

I like what you envision, and much appreciate your other remark. Thanks.

No, I didn't know of your fondness for "essence". Maybe I shoud write one on the essence of "King" Richard...

There's a lot of gray there! Be interested to know what develops.

A bit more coming out in the next one, too - but a past me... still, there's always something left, isn't there?

I didn't know he did that! Where was I when that occurred?

Yes, I did set out to be simple - and yes, the sea is a constant.

Thanks, always good to know how something goes.

The Bug
I felt I had to give it some structure and that was what occurred.

Thanks for the comment. really useful.

Carolina Linthead said...

You have, as TFE noted, given us a tour of you, moving through the senses and coming right 'round to "life as mystery." Thank you! I especially love your strong connection to the sea. I am drawn to water, always.

Dick said...

One of your very best, Dave. Good to read of a few of your favourite things, assembled with such wit and couched in such very elegant and effortless meter and rhyme. Superb.

Enchanted Oak said...

I second Dick's comment. Your essence is very appealing on a sensory level but also on a human level. I very much like the person you distill.

Dave King said...

Many thanks for that comment. Very generous.

Thanks Dick. I have to admit to being a little taken aback by the very gratifying reception the poem has had. Not having used these online prompts until recently, I'm finding that they are leading me into areas I might not otherwise have gone, so all such comments are both useful and pleasing.

Enchanted Oak
My remarks to Dick apply equally to your comments, I am most grateful for the interest that you and others have shown and for the time taken to comment.

Cad said...

Essence of Dave? Great!

Lucas said...

The rhyme scheme gives this poem a lightness of touch which propels the reader forward. There are some fine images too e.g. "smooth stones from the sea/the sea's angry clutch..."

Dave King said...

A warm welcome to you and many thanks for contributing.

Your comment is very much appreciated.