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Friday 31 December 2010

A New Year Party at the Patents Office

I went as Boadicea, not having been before.

In party hats the hopefuls came
(and most - like me - in fancy dress),
all bearing plans they hoped would claim
the world for sense and hope again
and somehow save it from the mess
that's dumped it on the floor.

For good or ill, for right or wrong,
a polar bear had brought along
a high-tech hot air cooler.

From Lion King, a mini thing:
a plastic bendy ruler --
a sensible,
a flexible,
a universal proxy-King.

Three owls wore hats -
and two had spats -
with mottoes penned in inks
(that many thought were drivel):
viz: see no evil; hear no evil;
evil is as evil thinks.

The first had messages in mind
that get too mixed, as M.Ps. find:
When spin has spun beyond controls,
said he, and digging's dug too many holes,
this Sat-Nav could reset their goals.

The next, with gismo, super-fixed
a broken promise - seamlessly.

The third - grotesquely -
brought to bear
an anti-doctrinaire

Words like"vice"
spurred a baboon
to promise soon
a dirty-tricks hard water washer.

A long-eared bat
was topping that,
with smart-arse fast detosher.

Then from a tiger's sabre tooth
to swell the nation's stock of truth
there came a touch of righteous wit -
a moral spunk resuscer kit.

This year, a lowly lambkin said,
has been a perfect shocker.
Here's my device - a yah-boo-to-your-party blocker.

An ostrich came, who lacking guts,
had brought no plans because of cuts.

To all of you: the very best of all Good new Years.


Louise said...

Some poem, some party. Very clever for sure! Happy 2011.

Shadow said...

what a delight. what a party. happy new year to you!!!

Carl said...

Clever and wonderful. You can evoke an image and still get a point across and have some fun.

Have a great 2011!

the walking man said...

Beautiful rhythm and image presentation. Loved reading this so much I had to go back for thirds.

Wysteria said...

Great poem. I too want to join the party!

Glad to have found your site.

Best wishes in the New Year


Kass said...

I enjoyed your party. HNY2U2!

dustus said...

Party on! Happy New Year :)

Cloudia said...

Wishing YOU Aloha from Hawaii, Dave

Comfort Spiral


Tabor said...

Quite the New Year Zoo you have going on there. Happy New Year to YOU!

angryparsnip said...

"An ostrich came, who lacking guts,
had brought no plans because of cuts"

wahahahahahahah ! Love that part !

2010 ended well as I found your blog
haiku rules !

cheers, parsnip

moondustwriter said...

Love the form but the wit takes first in my mind
You sound ready for 2011
Pen in hand

Happy New Year

Dick said...

A wonderfully surreal knees-up, effortlessly rendered in rhyme. Great stuff, Dave.

Dave King said...

120 socks
Thanks. Hope the partying lasts for you and yours.

Thanks - and a great 2011 for you and yours.

Fun was the operative word on this occasion. Have a great year.

The Walking Man
Thanks. Very encouraging. May 2011 be good to you and yours.

Hi and a very warm welcome to you. Thanks for the comment.
Have a wonderful year.

As always, lovely to hear from you.
Happy new year to you and yours.

Thanks. Great to have you aboard.A good new year to you and yours.

Much thanks and much happiness to you and yours.

Trying to ape my nearer cousins. Hope 2011 is a great year for you and yours.

B y the same token it ended well for me, too!
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Yup, I reckon I'm ready for the new year - just hope it's ready for me - and for you and yours in the kindest of all possible ways. Thanks for visiting. Great to have you aboard.

Thanks Dick. Encouraging a salways. A great good year to you and yours!