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Saturday 29 January 2011

Photos from the archive

Well, actually from the bottom of a cupboard that had not been cleared out for too many long years. I had forgotten about them. They date from my early teens and were probably the first serious photographs I ever took. It was my first camera. I forget much about it. I remember that it took 120 film. Black and white in those days. It was probably one up from a Brownie Box. I didn't develop my own film. Didn't have the facilities. I got the local photographic shop to develop the film and supply contact prints. I then marked in indian ink on the prints how I wanted each one cropped and wrote on the back the kind of paper I wanted it printed on. I had a preference for textured papers - and at the time that these were taken, sepia printing.
The first three were taken on a walk in The Forest of Dean. I and a friend walked all day, I remember, without seeing anyone. We did see several kingfishers, though. Alas, I have lost the photographs I took of the kingfishers.

The last two were taken at Bournemouth. We had several holidays there just after the war. The last one of all shows my parents relaxing at last.


Jinksy said...

You interest in textures is obvious. The second photo has my imagination whirling - a tall dark figure has a group of animals around its feet: a dog: a rabbit: a mouse: a hedgehog on a treestump holding a long white stick (!) and even a crocodils 'swimming' along the path! Should I order myself a padded cell immediately?! LOL

Jim Murdoch said...

I've also a fondness for sepia prints. That was the good thing about Ilford XP2 - if you print it on colour paper the effect is a nice sepia. I haven't taken a real photo in years. Carrie bought me a decent DSLR but I struggle with it and use it like an automatic 99% of the time.

JeannetteLS said...

The first picture captures my own image of middle earth. I wouldn't watch the movies because I had such vivid images in my own head. And the last? I would imagine your parents truly needed to rest at last in 1949. Thank you for sharing those.

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

thank you for sharing these - they are beautiful.

Louise said...

Top one is my favourite, and the last one with your parents, but they are all fantastic. Your powers of observation, scale and detail obvious!

Unknown said...

These are quite good. I'm glad you kept them and hope to see more.

Tabor said...

These first ones are very Maxfield Parrish and I just love his work!

Rose said...

Beautiful old photographs pity about the kingfishers but what the heck these are fantastic love the big fat tree in the first photo - The wonderful grace of the tree reaching across the third photo and of course the delightful 'shadow pools' make this a wonderful print. Oh, nice to meet Mom and Dad as well - Good old Bournemouth:))

Windsmoke. said...

These photos are a fantastic walk down memory lane. When my parents arrived in Australia from Wales they brought a Brownie Box with them and took many photos which have been lost sadly, as well as the Brownie Box.

Carl said...

Great shots all! I am drawn to the first one. I still enjoy my 120 cameras... although I can't find a lot of reason to shot them besides nostalgia. There is a real satisfaction in taking the exposure and advancing the film... All the while having to wait to process the film and the prints.


Linda Sue said...

Priceless- Splendid! What a fabulous find! The trees- very good models- holding still nicely- your handsome parents, nearly as peaceful as the trees. Wonderful!

angryparsnip said...

What wonderful photos and after all the years you found them.
I love the one of your parents absolutely priceless.

All my photos of my parents, my childhood and my children were lost in one of California's earlier wildfires when my home burned. The fact it was set on purpose makes the loss even greater.

Wonderful photos.

cheers, parsnip

Dave King said...

I do recall that at the time of taking it, the second one was a great favourite of mine. It did suggest all kinds of extraordinary things and happenings to me, but I think your imaginings trump them. Thanks for sharing.

Strange that you should say you haven't taken a real photograph in years, coming across these brought the same thought to my mind. I'm not sure why. Have I lost it? Is it the new equipment? There's got to be a reason, I'm thinking. It was helpful to hear those thoughts of yours on the subject.

I hadn't associated it with any thoughts of Middle Earth, but I think I see what you mean. Intriguing comment. Thank you.

Welcome to the blog and many thanks to you for commenting.

120 Socks
I think I agree with your choice of the top and bottom ones. Perhaps I might also have pointed out that the young fellow just beyond my parents is my brother.

Dacid C
A warm welcome and a big thank you for your visit and comments.

Maxfield Parrish, eh! Well, a massive thank you for that!

Thanks for the comments -esp on Mum and Dad and the shadow pools. They wer always very important to me - still are, come to that.

You are spot on about them being a fantastic walk down memory lane. They are exactly that. I'm still hoping that the kingfishers might turn up sometime, though I rather think they were lost in one of our moves.

Yes, you are right. I still have a 120 - though not the one in question. I was ooking at it only this morning wondering...

Linda Sue
Beautifully said. That's just how I am remember them - as peaceful as the trees. Thank you for that.

Thank you for your remarks, but how awful to have lost so much and in such a way! We know that these terrible things happen, but it still tugs at the heart to hear about them.

Carl said...

I see what Jeannette is saying about the top one. I can just imagine bilbo sitting in the crook of the tree blowing smoke rings and looking at Hobbiton in the distance.

Rallentanda said...

I found the picture of your parents on holiday very moving. I miss seeing ladies knitting..there was something very reassuring about it

Kat Mortensen said...

Ah now, Dave. I enjoyed seeing these photographs and am inclined to invite you to join us at the Sepia Saturday blog where we share our family photographs, anecdotes and such every Saturday (as we are able). http://sepiasaturday.blogspot.com