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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Love All

What did we do
to render God so impotent?
How did he come to this:
surrendering the match?
We crucified his son...
but that could not be it:
he rolled us over then
and took the opening set.

But something happened next:
his service let him down?
The way Ted Hughes has told it,     O
we tightened all the screws
and turned up all the pain
'til he could not believe
what we had done to him,
or what he had become.

He was in shock - of sorts -
not comprehending how
his own kids could behave
in such outlandish ways -
like sluts from down the road.
These day we'd say
his focus had been lost.
We wiped the floor with him,

just base line sloggery with no finesse.
He'd boasted he'd come back.
Some sort of tie-break? Can
you credit that? -
Too late. The crowd went home -
and who could blame them, eh?
They hadn't paid their cash
to see that sort of show.

(O His poem A God)


Unknown said...

This is a brave poem, Dave. A fascinating glimpse of how your mind is working. Hope you can find some things to be optimistic about.

Ken Armstrong said...

Nice Tennis Stuff, Dave. Love it!

The challenge is perhaps, for US to be OPEN. (geddit?)


Karen said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment, and am surprised and pleased by the metaphor. Good work!

Ted said...

Dave, thanks for posting this poem. I will need the first line today.

Some kids asked me if I would sponsor their Bible Club. I said I would. No big deal, right? Stay after school once a week and supervise them as they read the Bible.

Well, got an email yesterday. Got a meeting today with the administration. I think I'm gonna get spanked :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Like the whole metaphor Dave - is it just me or is your poetry steadily improving?

Jim Murdoch said...

A poem about tennis and God and no Cliff Richard in it. I am disappointed.

Carl said...

hmmm. I like this one. Funny we were both writing about God's tangled relationship ti his creation this week.

Dave King said...

Hi and a warm welcome to you. Thanks for leaving a comment. Optimism comes as easily to me as pessimism. Just depends which way I'm looking.

I do geddit - and love it. Thanks.

I am pleased by the comment, but surprised by the "surprised".

Sorry I couldn't reply yesterday. Hope your meeting went well and that you managed to avoid the spanking. Good to hear from you.

The Weaver of Grass
I think it must be. I was looking back on some of my past work the other day. Embarrassing!

A serious oversight, I do admit!

There we go again: the web's synchronicity!