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Thursday 10 February 2011

when love turns sour...

The trees knew of our coming.
In that secret way the trees possess
they knew of us and welcomed us.

God made the wind
that they might wave
a greeting to us when we came.

And do they wave in friendship still,
in fury or in sadness at the way
we've butchered them?

The land knew of our coming.
In that secret way the land has
it knew us from the first.

God gave the land its greenery
that it might spread a carpet
for us when we came.

And has it still those feelings,
now that we have raped
it half to death?

The sea knew of our coming.
In that secret way that water has,
it hugged us, would not let us go.

So God set up a tryst for us
that it and we might grow
a romance that would last.

And is the love still mutual
now that it's felt the power
of what is human and obscene?


Louise said...

That is some poem. I love the way the trees, the wind and the sea 'knew of our coming', as if they have known of this before and how the fraility of man's love is set against the backdrop of eternal powers.

haryoshi said...

nice post.....

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Titus said...

Liked that very much Dave, fine use of repetition. Something about its cadences stirred a memory of William Cowper (his good ones) for me.

Rose said...

well written and sadly true - I'm going outside to hug a tree!

Jim Murdoch said...

Did the fire not know we were coming then? or did we bring the fire with us?

Windsmoke. said...

Very enjoyable and how true that us humans have raped and pillaged the landscape to near extinction :-).

Dave King said...

120 Socks
Beautifully said.
Wow! I'd have settled for Cowper, even his not-so-good ones!
I'll join you.
All my authorities are silent on that. I think the evidence must have got incinerated.
Almost makes one sad to be called a human being.