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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Blood and Glory

meditating monks, ran
radiation tracers
through their parietal lobes.

The resulting images
of falling blood flows
reinforced our sense
that sense of time and place
is centred there.

What better place
for God-experience
than where He'd set
the focus for our sense
of time and place?

For, just suppose
the God-experience
is more than blood flows
or their lack... is how we interact
with the Divine...

how might the radio-
activity affect
that dialogue? We need to know:-
what is it in this life
that should be glorified?


Rohit_blogger at http://floating-expressions.blogspot.in/ said...

intriguing..heavy questions!!What to be glorified!!

kaykuala said...

Divine guidance is what we strive for. We do and God determines. It is our life but Providence shines the rays of solace and hope. True enough!


sick heroine said...

This reminds me of a sociology professor's well-loved example: "a social more is say, the fact that time is linear and finite in each day, and we agree on the units and make commitments based on how we've decided to spend those units."

Also, gives me pause... Sociology is one of the sciences that one can't un-know or chisel out of the conscious. Like biology, it effects the soul's understanding of every little thing. Adds an element of skepticism even with a depth of deeper knowing.

haricot said...

To realy upon scientific ideas is not always safe, I think. So, I myself have a desire to find better field, if it would be difficult to see devine for me.

Brian Miller said...

intriguing mix of that place between science and god...god in the blood, in our hearts....makes sense to me...smiles...

jabblog said...

One does not make the other redundant. The more we understand the less we know absolutely.

Maude Lynn said...

What an amazing thought!

Arron Shilling said...

probing and thoughtful,
measured and interesting;
a pleasure to read Dave.

HKatz said...

The poem reminds me of the different levels of analyses undertaken by scientists when it comes to the brain, and how there aren't really good bridges (yet?) between these levels. For instance, on one level you can study the firing of individual cells, or groups of cells. At another level there are scientists looking at broader cognitive functioning (sense of time, space, etc.). On a level beyond that, there are scientists trying to understand consciousness and subjective experience (and then beyond that, how individuals relate to one another and society - social psychology). How does the firing of cells translate to the subjective experience of meditation? What is it about our brains that can produce consciousness? Fascinating to think about.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Great final question and powerful harmony between meaning and sound in particular in the superb stanza before the last where really "more than blood flows"...

Ygraine said...

Definitely Love should be glorified, because it is the greatest power in existence. Without it we would have no brain - nor even BE!

Windsmoke. said...

The brain is definitely a complex machine and no amount of brain scanning will ever workout how it really operates :-).

Dave King said...

Yes, they are heavy questions. Good to have your company and thanks for responding.

Divine guidsnce is the ultimate, yes.

sick heroine
Hi! A warm welcome to my blog. My thanks for your very considered response. Looked at one way, your professor's example seems quite profound. Looked at another, it sems obvious. Your second para, however, has deeper levels. I shall need to give both some further thought.

Totally to rely on scientific ideas is limiting, I agree.

Thanks. I agree, the mix is fascinating.

Amen. It's our habit of compartmentalizing that confuses.

Mama Zen
Thanks. In fact, it was the first thought that ocurred to me when I read of the study.

Hi. Good to have your company. Thank you so much for responding. Much appreciated.

My thanks to you for such a full and comprehensive response. And maybe - I've not seen any evidence for this - looking at the problem can change the result - as in physics, for example. Might that be possible? After all, physics lies at the bottom of biology, and particularly of neurology.

Really, very many thanks for your response. Very much valued.

Absolutely agree! Thanks.

I'm sure that is so, but in essence it IS a machine and so can be analysed.

Mary said...

I was sure I had commented on this one, but see I have not. I just want to know as well what it is about this life that should be glorified. (anyway, some days I wonder that.)