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Wednesday 28 March 2012

the parabolic mirror

This is a Magpie Tales prompt by Tess Kincaid.

Below the surface
where lines from part-parabolas
encounter lines from me
the mirror shows
the me that might have... might still be.

Contours from a nearly-me,
half-familiar gestures
implying other lives
I might have lived
had I been free.

Then other images, like peas
in pods or siblings in a womb,
are thrust from other concave
into my face.

They speak of subtle changes,
nudging contours up or down,
of rows of alter egos,
of how a features changes
at a twist in life or light.


Silent Otto said...

Terrific that they are all alive and recognisable !
A credit to you

Tabor said...

Great poem. I would have just stared at that strange photo all day!

Mary said...

It is amazing what we can see if we look, REALLY look, in a mirror..or more it this way or that! Image is fluid and changeable.

(Appreciated your comment over at my site!)

Kat Mortensen said...

I think I'm losing it! (If you get this more than once, feel free to delete.)

I like how you used the words that describe the actual mirror — the parabolas and the concave surface.

Who is to say that who we see in the mirror is who we really are?

Very thought-provoking piece, Dave.

(I'm surprised I remembered all that!)

kaykuala said...

Images of near-me can well result from a parabolic, concave mirror. It cannot be like any other mirrors. I think so too,Dave! Great write!


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Brilliant. The many selves we could be.. in the blink of an eye...so alluring to be able to shift away from one's supposed stony and same identity.

Ygraine said...

Like Alice Through The Looking Glass, is this a dream or is it me?
Who are we?

Windsmoke. said...

I reckon real mirrors tell the truth no matter which way you view your image :-).

Jenny Woolf said...

What an interesting ideat. Seeing who we might have been and the marks that could have left on our appearance... So we would be the same but different. A couple of people who know me well have claimed to have spotted me in Oxford, a town I rarely visit. I am half afraid and half fascinated at the idea that one day I might see this complete stranger who even fools my close relatives...

Dave King said...

Hi! A warm welcome to you. Great to have you visiting. Thanks for the kind comment.

Yes, I think with prompts like this they either click straight away or the never do.

Absolutely agree. Thanks for the observation.

Nope, you hadn't lost it - only received one copy! I have made a few b oobs like that, though, of late. It is worrying when you do!
Thanks for saying.

Much appreciate your comment. Thanks.

Yes, wouldn't it be great to be able to simply switch into some other character?

Yes, very much like Alice.
We are more than one, I do believe.

But which truth? They reverse your image, for a start.

What an idea to conjure with. My Grandparents were convinced that everyone has a doppleganger somewhere in the world.

moondustwriter said...

I enjoyed this prompt
I love the way that you use shapes as part of the problem or solution for the face in the mirror

Kathe W. said...

amazing poem for an amazing image. You saw a lot in this-brilliant!

Tess Kincaid said...

Rows of alter egos, indeed. Nice write, Dave.