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Monday 4 March 2013

Another of each!

(Afraid so, yet another trireme sonnet and another for the mini/micro collection.)

The Hermit

Here on this dry and waterless terrain
I am content to share my dwelling place
with creatures who, like me, have psyches shaped

by dreams of moisture, visions of sweet rain,
of moisture in whatever form: a trace,
a drop, a tear, a torrent, damp sand scraped

from under a great rock -- but mine the pain,
and mine alone, two distant dreams of grace:
from silken skirts, a slinky spray; or draped,

cascades perhaps, salvation's veil, a grain
of hope for here and now, faith's friendly face
in this dry wilderness the wind has raped.

Grasshopper-mice and lice may share my space,
but not my elevation from disgrace.


Only inordinate sexual desire
prevented me
from finishing the crossword.


Mary said...

You are really enjoying those trireme sonnets, Dave! I will pass on sharing my space with grasshoppers, mice, and lice though. Smiles.

kaykuala said...

Once one gets into it a passion develops. It prompts the inspiration to continue for more! On with it Dave! Nicely!


Brian Miller said...

hahaha....i can think of worse things to keep me from the crossword....just saying...

and really cool on the sonnet...you really are good at these and i am all about sharing the space...um, lice, maybe not...took much combing in the after...

Anonymous said...

Ha. Wonderful sonnet - at first I thought the second poem was commentary on the first - i.e. that you had not finished the puzzle of the form - and I kept looking thinking - on my goodness, doesn't he have all the lines!

Very funny - the second,

and the first - well, to each his own - it is an interesting idea that one who craves moisture lives in the desert - like one who craves salvation trying for a life where there is no temptation - all interesting. You use the form very well. k.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Delightful, intense, and something for me to learn...I did not anything about a trireme sonnet, the very adjective "trireme" is brilliantly eloquent.

Utterly comic, unexpected and sublime the final "Stumped" section.

hedgewitch said...

This is a very rich form for you David--and this one is especially lush, despite being about dryness and dreams of grace...I love the ending couplet especially. The micropoem made me smile--yes, leave one puzzle for an even more difficult one, why don't you. ;_)

Anunoy Samanta said...

Hi Dave you've been nominated by me for Liebster Award, please check it @ http://just4suzan.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award-youre-blogging-pretty.html and play your part! Cheers :)

Elephant's Child said...

Stumped sounds like an excuse to me. A good one, but an excuse nonetheless.
As someone who hungers for moisture too often (except in the form of humidity) the sonnet spoke to me loudly and clearly. Thank you for both.

Cloudia said...

'Grasshopper...disgrace' is level!
Aloha, Dave

Anonymous said...

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Carl said...

Stumped had me giggling all day. very clever.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh well done Dave.

First beautiful.

Second resonates.:o]

Anna :o]

Ygraine said...

Quite fancied becoming a hermit myself once, but the idea of sharing my space with those grasshopper-mice and lice kept me in the heart of society!

And as for the inordinate sexual desire...yes, that sometimes interrupts my writing too! Haha:D

A fabulous write, Dave :)

Dave King said...

Hi Everyone,
Time has slipped away from me today - hospital appointments etc - so I am afraid this is just a general thank, but a very sincere and heartfelt thankyou - for your usual standard of comment, to which I always look forward, very much indeed. Thank you all so much.

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