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Thursday 11 February 2010

Dance of Life

This belongs with, is a later stage in the sequence of, my Global Warming Digital Doodles.

Car computers
checking your emotions
to alert the other drivers.


Ronda Laveen said...

Those car computers would be a great way to control road rage.

Your digital doodle is on fire!

Karen said...

Love the picture!

Does this mean I can't talk to myself in the car anymore?

Elisabeth said...

So you've moved into graphics, Dave. You're a braver soul than me.

CiCi said...

People who think global warming is a political myth should all get a copy of this graphic in the mail.

Your haiku is is great. Kinda makes us drivers not responsible for our behavior behind the wheel, the car computer is in charge! Hah.

Dianne said...

I love your artwork here. Although I missed the newsworthy source of your haiku.

Thanks for visiting my site, happy valentines day to you and your loved ones.


Enchanted Oak said...

We are all such open books now. Is there no privacy left?

Raj said...

great picture.

so car computers replace brains now huh? :P

The Weaver of Grass said...

That is a very eerie digital doodle Dave - (that is alliteration for you) - and another good haiku.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Car computers are helpful indeed.

This is a fun blog!

Rosaria Williams said...

Well, that would be an ideal car for my hubby!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Absolutely powerful picture Dave, a Digital Doodle which at first has reminded me of a Tibetan sacred image.

Poetic Artist said...

Enjoyed this..Your mind is always working.

Carl said...

Cool Image Dave-

What program are you using?


Cloudia said...

What a great image!

Aloha, Dave

Comfort Spiral

Kass said...

Ah, what crisp talent
you possess from digital
magic to fluent haiku.

Dave King said...

The smoke alarm didn't work!

Not at all, of course you can talk to yourself - that would counted as quite normal. Just don't start yelling at yourself!

When I started blogging I had meant it to be mainly graphics with some poetry.

I'll send 'em all one - more junk mail!

Not really, it only warns the other drivers, "Look out, there's a loony about!"

Thanks Dianne - and the sentiment is reciprocated.

Enchanted Oak
I agree, it does seem to be dwindling by the day.

A computer is a brain - isn 't it?

The Weaver of Grass
It bucks me up no end to know you think it eerie. Than ks.

The Storialist
Welcome to my blog - and thanks for the feedback.

Ah! Is that what he thinks?

I think I see what you mean, though it hadn't occurred to me before. Thanks.

Poetic Artist
A warm welcome to you and many thanks.

Serif's PhotoPlus 7 and Paint Shop Pro 7

Thanks Cloudia.

Thanks. Beautifully expressed - but a haiku is supposed to be true.

Dorraine said...

Wow, that's quite a graphic, Dave. It's so interesting to see a mind in action...

Conda Douglas said...

Love the artwork, Dave.

Dave King said...

Welcome to the blog and apolgies for the tardy reply. hanks for taking the trouble to comment.

Thanks for that - trying to feel my way back into it.