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Saturday 20 February 2010

Haiku #56

B.B.C. news everywhere
people watching it on mobiles
leaving papers in the cold.


steven said...

hey dave - so true. i cancelled almost all our paper subscriptions - we have one left. i read the news online - at the bbc site actually (even though i'm in canada) - simply because it's concise and clear. but then i buy more books now than ever before!!! hmmm. steven

Jinksy said...

How much 'news' is tuly news, and how much idle speculation? Information overload, I think.

Barry said...

Yes, the day of the "paper" newspaper is near the end.

How sad.

I can imagine on of these days my grandchildren handing a future version of the Times on a future version of the ipad and asking why they call it a "paper".

Conda Douglas said...

Ah, the ongoing tale of print and paper...

Ronda Laveen said...

"They" said it would never happen but, here we are.

Cloudia said...

What will replace the old paradigm of paper? BLOGS!!!!


Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Kass said...

I feel so much better informed since I started reading blogs. I depend on you, Dave to read the paper and concisely clue me in.

A Cuban In London said...

But papers will rise, dave. Oh, I can almost smell it:

'Terminator 4: The Rise of the Newspapers', by James Cameron.

You're quite right. I never thought of climate change. Tough for a 'seasonal toff'.

Excellent haiku.

Greetings from London.

オテモヤン said...
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Carl said...

Glad I am not a newspaper man. It is an industry that is changing so fast. Much like the commercial phot lab industry did 10-20 years ago.

It will shake out, but many folks will be left on the outside looking in.


Dick said...

A haiku that hits the spot, alas. Although I will read The Guardian and Independent in paper version through choice and plan to do so until the last one hits the corner shop shelves.

Dave King said...

I've toyed with the thought, but can't bring myself to execute it. I've given up the Sundays as a token gesture.

No arguments from this source to that.

Oooh, that's real pessimism, though you may be correct.

Well, we didn't make the paperless office - maybe we'll get the paperless home.

Never believe what they say.

Nope, just the various broadcasting companies.

AH, I don't liike to mention it, but you maight be missing out a tad.

Cuban in London
The rise of the papers sounds positively threatening

I think that is probably right, though some are forecasting the demise of the industry.

Yup. Me too! The big attraction was the cost of the papers, but now they are talking of charging for them on-line.