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Tuesday 23 February 2010

The Flight of the Departed

Going through past digital doodles, I came upon this, which I was sure I had posted before. If so, I can find no trace of it. Good enough reason, I thought, wouldn't like to deprive the world of it ...

Haiku #59

An afternoon nap -
See how learning, memory
and brainpower soar!


@ctors Business said...

I always new there was a good reason to take a few zeds in the afternoon.

Sam!! said...

Agreed..nicely said.. :)

Take care

Jinksy said...

Perhaps I need a nap now - my brainpower is struggling with newly installed Windows 7...

Elisabeth said...

Wow, wonderful and strangely spooky.

Barry said...

Words of wisdom for sure, Dave.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Dave, I read about afternoon naps in the Times - I have always strenuously avoided napping in the day time but seems it is fashionable and advantageous to do it these days.

Linda Sue said...

Dave, this image ROCKS! It should be somewhere BIG- like on a billboard as one enters the city!! Oh, yes, that would put minds at ease...

Ronda Laveen said...

I'm glad I didn't miss this doodle. Are these digital doodles yours? Very cool.

I wish I was a napper.

Kass said...

This wee digery
doodle peers into some dream
of afternoon flight.

steven said...

dave - saturday and sunday i gift myself an hour of sleep in the afternoon. it leaves me groggy and then i soar. the image - that'd be cool to come across in a darkened room. steven

Carl said...

I'm putting a couch in my office... If I ever get walls. I could use a mid day power nap. Now it turns out they are good for memory.


Dave King said...

Gwei Mui

Thanks, I will.

Windows, you say? A nap is definitely called for!

Spooky used to b e my middle name. Then I went straight.

True - though not mine, alas.

Weaver of Grass
Ah, I read it in The Independent. I too have avoided naps, but now it's them catching up on me.

Linda Sue
MMM, what an exciting thought!

They are mine, yes. I'm trying to get the hands going again .

Or the crevicesd of a derranged mind? Thanks for the Haiku. Enjoyed it.

Pitch dark, do you mean?

I think they are just generally good for mental function ing as a whole. Why not take a camp b ed on your walks?

Shadow said...

i live by naps.... you're very right in your assessment!

nd now stop watching me!!!!!

Karen said...

The haiku and the "wee digital doodle" are perfect complements.

A Cuban In London said...

Oh, yes! Absolutely. Loved it and fully agree with the content.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, just popped over from the Smitten Image. She made a great selection in choosing your blog. The image is amazing. and the previous poem was beyond my understanding at first read. Will go over it again. I am older than dirt and it takes me awhile sometimes to grasp the profoundness of some poetry. Blessings

Tess Kincaid said...

This is spooky, because I dreamed not too long ago, that I was flying around with just my eyes and brain, just like in this image!! How did you know?

Conda Douglas said...

My, the "digital doodle" is eerie, Dave, and the haiku so true!

Dave King said...


See what you mean - but hadn't seen it before! Thanks.

Cuban in London
Me too - increaingly!

Hi and welcome to my blog.
My apologies for taking so long to get round - no excuses, though.
Many thanks for stopping by to comment. Very much appreciated.

Ha! How did I know!!

Thanks Conda