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Tuesday 16 March 2010

From the "Digital Doodle" Sketchbook

Tangled branches

The Promenade at Night



David Cranmer said...

It certainly creates different results/effects.

Friko said...

doodling haiku.

Kay said...

love the branches!

steven said...

dave i like what happens in the tangled branches. the birds on the wires look like so many gymnasts! steven

Linda Sue said...

Promenade looks like cowboys and fences at a rodeo event- Steven sees birds on a wire, gymnasts- You see promenade at night- curious...Love these doodles, They look 3-D without the glasses. Very cool!

@ctors Business said...

Promenade is my favourite. It has a touch of the modernity about it as if you're viewing a CCTV image. There's also something very "urban" art-ish about the overall effect almost Banksy like

Kass said...

Magnificent! Love your creativity!

Marinela said...

Your creativity is amazing:)

Madame DeFarge said...

Very impressive result, especially the trees.

Ronda Laveen said...

I see a big ol' dinosaur head in the branches. Those are all so cool.

Karen said...

Nice! I really like the luminosity of these.

Shadow said...

cool cactus!

Dave King said...

Thanks - that's where the fun comes from.

Might have possibilities...

Haven't twigged it yet.

Thanks for that steven.

Linda Sue
I called it promenade because I started with a shot of people on the promenade - in daylight.

I saw it very much on the smae lines. It reminded me slightly of the paintin gs of Edvard Munch.

Many thanks.

Thanks again.

Madame DeFarge
Much thanks

I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out - I've seen it now!

Thanks for that

I'm glad the cactus got a vote. It's from a shot taken in the greenhouses at The Royal Horticultural Society's Gardens at Wisley.

Jinksy said...

The cactus is definitely an alien life form, humming through a black hole on its way to....who knows where?! I can almost feel it vibrating...

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

These are awesome!

Lucy said...

I really like the double exposure branches. I must do some more of those...

Dave King said...

Great minds, obviously. I had thought of turning it into an alien life form... but mayb e I don't need to bother?

Trish and Rob MacGregor
Thanks, good of you to say so.

Alas, my camera doesn't allow of double exposures. This was achieved by layering.
Thanks for commenting.

Fantastic Forrest said...

These are all REALLY cool. I think you need to have an exhibition.

In Portland, Oregon.

I would come and bring all my friends!