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Thursday 25 March 2010

Please don't drink and doodle!

Last Sunday we celebrated our daughter's 44th birthday with a family meal at The Anchor, Witley. It is a favourite spot with canal boats, canoes, a lock gate and much activity on a fine sunny Sunday - which it was. The Anchor had a fine menu to go with the day - and more to the point, some equally fine wines and beers. I took the photographs after the meal, which was a mistake.

(My budget statement is below)


Shadow said...

oh man, now i can't see either, heee hee heeeeee

Tess Kincaid said...

Uh-oh. Hope it was just you and not your camera!

Kay said...

just call it intentionally skewed :) Sounds as if all had a great time, sure sounds wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hope you weren't at the tiller, Dave!

Tabor said...

Very nice idea! Love it. And it is arty as well. Reflections of reflections!

Kass said...

Sunny Sundays always affect me that way too. Good one, Dave.

Jinksy said...

Think I feel tipsy too now...

Linda Sue said...

These look fine to me...What are you all talking about?

Raj said...

lol. too many beers? :P

Raj said...

ps: the name of the post should be DO DRINK. and definitely DOODLE AFTER THAT.
its the best thing in the world. really :P

steven said...

dave these look fine - i'm looking at the evening real ale and wondering what's really going on there! attaboy! steven

Ronda Laveen said...

I think I really like the choppy effect.

Carl said...

two of my favorite hobbies good beer and photography. I have not learned how to mix the two, but that is most likely a good thing since I generally shoot between 5 and 7 am.


Jeanne Estridge said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

CiCi said...

Too much food and drink, eh, Dave?
Happy birthday to your daughter.

Cloudia said...

where am i? LOL!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Anil P said...

Hope the boat did not feel the after affects :-)

@ctors Business said...


Dorraine said...

Whew, looks like you had a grand ole time, Dave! Happy birthday to your daughter.

Susie Hemingway said...

Still the photos are very pretty Dave, my youngest son has just brought a lovely little boat for Summer days on the Thames - it is moored at Marlow Bucks so a very nice stretch of the river.Just need the Summer days now, Glad you had such a nice day.

Dave King said...


Yup, was just me - the camera doesn't drink.

Thanks. We did, it was.

As luck would have it... no.

Needs a bit of work, though.

They've been inshort supply of late - making up for lost time.

Steady as you go, then!

Linda Sue
Thanks friend!

One too many,maybe.

After real ale I never know what's going on.

Thanks forr that.

Ah, I had been going to ask how you manage the two together.

We did indeed.

Thanks muchly.

And Aloha to you.

Not a smijin!


Many thanks

I do envy your son. I know the stretch very well - or used to,maaybe it's changed. Hope you (he) gets the fair weather.